Vendor Spotlight – Ashley O’Connell Spiritual Retreats, Self Discovery & Healing

Meet Ashley, the founder of Ashley O’Connell Spiritual Retreats, Self Discovery and Healing!

My name is Ashley O’Connell. I am a Consulting Hypnotist, a Certified Hypnosis Instructor, A Master/Trainer of NLP, a Reiki Master as well as a Practical Nurse. My sessions are tailored to the individual guided by the higher self. Alongside my private practice I offer trainings, and organize Spiritual Journeys to Peru, I have a Spiritual Retreat space on Manitoulin Island as well.

What was your inspiration to start Spiritual Retreats, Self Discovery and Healing?

My Inspiration for starting my business was definitely Consciousness….I felt working on my own personal growth and spiritual journey the difference it made in my life to lead my life more consciously….I was happier, I trusted myself and my intuition, fear melted and in its place came Peace. Every powerful healing piece for me is what I have actively pursued to bring to others. ~ The journey continues, and I am thrilled to be on this wild and beautiful ride of life!

What do you love most about what you do?

I am of service in a way that I really feel matters. I feel like I contribute to humanity in a special way, I am really proud of that. Future Plans: Our Retreat Space on Manitoulin is something we are just in the building stages of, I feel like we will have something for everyone! I have an in – home office in Kawartha Lakes, and I offer sessions online and via telephone, I also offer from Renewed Health and Wellness Natrupathic Clinic in Orillia as well as Green River Yoga Co. in Washago. People don’t realize about my business….how I allow YOUR higher self to lead the session…not your ego, not my ego, your highest and best self tells us exactly what you need. Something most people don’t know about business: entrepreneurs have to work extra hard at relaxing LOL We are always brainstorming and full of ideas and excitement! We also have to work a lot more than 9-5ers…there is a lot of work, and trainings and personal development that goes into running your own business, you are always learning and growing. Advice: Come from a place of love…always. If you can’t do that, stop reflect and work on yourself through proper channels until you can.

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Phone Number: (705) 623 1371