Lara Bokovay – Coach and Intuitive Reader

My name is Lara Bokovay, I am a Certified Intuitive Life Coach and Psychic Medium. I specialize in guiding you through your transitions and transformations. As a guide I am able to show you the way, however you are going to need to do the work. My coaching style is honest, direct, compassionate and respectful. What makes my coaching style unique is that I guide you by using both key concepts and my Intuitive gifts to help you overcome your challenges and obstacles that you are facing.

Lara Bokovay – Coach and Intuitive Reader

What was your inspiration to start as a Coach and Intuitive Reader?

I come from a background in Sales and Human Resources and I know a thing or two about career transition. As an Account Executive working within the Staffing and Recruiting Industry, I specialized in working with senior professionals and executives. Some were retiring and looking to get into consulting; some were looking for a career change; and others were laid off due to company mergers and restructuring. Even though all my clients came from different backgrounds, they all needed the same thing: coaching They needed someone to help them through their journey that took the time to understand their needs.

They needed coaching to figure out what they truly loved to do, or even wanted to do, and how to move forward with the next steps. I’ve assisted hundreds of job seekers with career planning and transitional employment strategies. I brought a unique perspective to providing support and a sounding board to people wanting to make positive changes in their life. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always connected with spirit.  I have been professionally reading people for several years as a Psychic Medium. I am able to channel the messages that their guides and loved ones want them to focus on to be able to move forward.   I’ve noticed that most of my Intuitive Readings actually turned into Coaching with Spirit.  As an Intuitive Life Coach, I utilize my intuitive gifts to get to the root of emotion or their disempowering belief a lot quicker than other modalities as I am working with and channeling a whole team of spirit guides. 

What drives your passion?

I get the most excited when I experience one of my clients either having a breakthrough, experiencing an emotion that they didn’t know was consuming them, or discovering something about themselves that they would not have found without accessing their guides through my intuitive channeling.

My Intuitive gifts allow me to pick up on things through our coaching sessions and through the exercises I ask my clients to do after each of our sessions that allow my clients to have a greater awareness of themselves and their life.

I love being a huge component of why my clients feel empowered. I love being able to go on their journey with them. When they are ready to do the work and when they do the work, something really special happens and it is a privilege be with them on their journey. It makes me so proud to watch clients shift, knowing I’ve helped facilitate that – that fuels me and validates my reason for being a coach.  

What is something most people don’t know about the business?

I think everyone could use a Life coach – however there is a weird stigma around needing a coach only when life is upside down, but a Life Coach is also an excellent tool and support when things are going great and when you want to forward in a bigger way. We can all use extra support and extra motivation. It is ok to want more, even if things are great.  

As an Intuitive Life Coach, I am honest and direct and I tell you the truth of what I am being channelled to tell you.  Disempowering beliefs are exposed and allow the client to embrace their life in a way that may be outside their own experiences and expectations.  Dreams, plans, and ideas are allowed to flourish, often in new directions or with new information received when working with me as an Intuitive Life Coach.  

Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you want customers to know about?

I have a lot of exciting projects in the works. Watch my Facebook Page (LaraBokovay – Coach and Intuitive Reader) and my website ( for more details to come in the near future.

What is your favorite item/service offered? 

All of my services are special. They all offer healing, insight, clarity and something truly unique.

Do you have a home studio or do you work at another location?

With the current circumstances, I work primary through different video conferencing platforms out of my home office.

Do you have any advice that you want to share with other entrepreneurs?

My advice to other entrepreneurs’ is: don’t get lost in what everyone else is doing. Shut out the noise and be true to yourself and what you love to do. Make sure that your products and services stay aligned with your purpose.

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