Ontario’s premier online hub improving Women’s sleep. Using a combination of mindfulness, meditations, coaching, a balance of exercise sessions and teaching the most nutritious way of cooking – via plant based clay pot cooking! Nature’s Zeal is a Social Enterprise, helping improve Women’s sleep.

My name is Sarah and I often imagine a world where every individual, young or old, is equipped with the tools of self-awareness and mindfulness. And I wonder what kind of society could we create? I am a Meditation and Transformational Life Coach, certified by the Heal Your Life training organization, and I proudly serve as a Founding Partner of Nature’s Zeal, a social enterprise, Ontario’s premier online hub improving Women’s Sleep. I have coached over 100 adults and youth, helped them achieve inner peace, develop self-awareness, self-love, life satisfaction and stay mindful at the present moment. Having worked in the corporate world I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in International Business Management, have a Masters of Science in Economic Development and Planning and have completed my Bachelors of Science in Theoretical Economics with Honours. My For Prince, a trained engineer, business executive and management consultant, it all started with a chance trip, just before COVID that would change everything. It was a trip when Prince, while successful in his entrepreneurship, was embroiled with health issues, running from pillar to post, not feeling energized and having terrible sleep patterns. The grandeur of Himalayas and the natural beauty made Prince and his traveling partners realize how tiny their challenges were. So they made a pact to transform themselves and help others. Prince realized how nature can help with small but mighty changes. After engineering a program of clay pot cooking and balanced exercises and putting it into practice for just 4 months, Prince had lost 40 lbs, his sleep was much better and for the first time in 2 decades he had a clean bill of health – with the high risk of both cancer and heart disease gone! These experiences coupled with, research, action, testing and results, and the desire to create a positive impact in people’s lives gave birth to Nature’s Zeal

Our mission is to empower people to achieve better sleep and a thriving well-being.

Our vision is to Impact a 1000 households on an ongoing basis, starting with the Women to help live their healthiest, most delectable and mindful lives.

What is your favorite item/service offered?

Better Sleep, Better Health Transformation – Includes 4 live online clay pot cooking classes, 24 live online & recorded mindfulness sessions, and 96 dynamic live online exercise sessions!

Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you want customers to know about?

Super excited to bring you in-person Meditation Workshops in Nature, Clay Pot cooking Workshops and art & life coaching series. Fill out this survey to keep in touch: https://tinyurl.com/NZSleep

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had working with a customer?

A new client in her 70s started with us and said, “I’m only going to try your programs for a couple of months as I have to go for knee surgery after that and will be out of commission for a while”. 2 months passed and she kept actively being part of the programs. We asked what happened to the knee surgery, and she said the programs have helped so much that her knee is all better and in consultation with her Doctor she canceled the knee surgery. This was the beginning of a snowfall of stories of health improvement from various walks of life. All this can be attributable to 3 key elements, plant based clay pot cooking, the right balance of exercises and knowing what mindfulness techniques work! All these 3 are part of our Better Sleep Better Health 12 week transformation program, check it out at https://NaturesZeal.com

What do you love most about what you do?

We love that what we are doing is changing the way people are experiencing life. They are becoming more fulfilled, experiencing more, and becoming more balanced! The beauty is it’s like living our own transformations play out again and again, since all this started when we consciously transformed our own lives and saw dramatic changes in health and the ability to experience life fully.

What was your inspiration to start your business?

Our Co-Founders had different inspirations as starting points, yet they came together to form Nature’s Zeal as a social enterprise to improve Women’s sleep. For Prince, it all started with a chance trip to the Himalayas and the experience of nature’s grandeur. For Sarah this journey started at a young age of 9 when she lost her Dad. Drop them a line at WeCare@NaturesZeal.com and they’ll be happy to chat with you about their journeys and how you can get started as well.

Do you have a home studio or do you work at another location?

The beauty about Nature’s Zeal’s live online classes is that they can be flexible in location. While we have a location with a dedicated office for one-on-one coaching of clients, a studio for the live sessions and room for storing our inventory of clay pots, we have had the pleasure of operating Nature’s Zeal even when we travel. For example in Australia, India, Muskoka and this year coming up in Singapore and Bali. This also makes our team nimble to operate from where they are. We have a family counselor who operates from Richmond Hill, a team of 31 medical researchers from Nova Scotia, an Educator from Prince Edward County and our corporate partner in Toronto

Find out more about Nature’s Zeal:

Visit their website: https://NaturesZeal.com

Email: WeCare@NaturesZeal.com

Contact Number: 4166026398