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Our Mission Our Why

The Holistic Healing Fair™  was created to educate and inspire our local community to grow more conscious of their daily habits, for a better common future. Together we will share the importance of self-care, self-love and all of the amazing services that are available to them.
Attracting attendees of all ages and walks of life, the Holistic Healing Fair™  is a creative way to network and market to a specific audience wishing to learn more about bettering their lives. A community platform showcasing holistic health, wellness and positive stepping stones.

The Coordinator Vanessa Wilson


My Holistic Healing Fair™  journey started when I had moved to Sudbury, Ontario in 2015. Throughout my life I have had internal challenges, and a constant journey of searching within. After moving to Sudbury, my mental health had declined and I had used the local crisis service center. After hitting one of the lowest places in my life, I had started doing Hypnosis and Emotion Code Skype sessions with a dear friend that helped me find the rainbow after my storm and suggested I started an event.

What's funny is, I haven't gone to school to become an event coordinator. All I had known at that time was that there was so many different and unique ways to heal, and I wanted to share them with everyone. When the world on the outside seems unmanageable, we have to look within. Then, while I was fresh out of a challenging time within m, the Holistic Healing Fair was born.

My first Holistic Healing Fair™  in Sudbury, March 2016, had started with an intention of having 20 tables, it had grown to 65 tables and we had over 1000 people attend that day.

That's when I knew I was not alone and that so many other people are searching for something to aid in the daily stresses of life: to learn self expression methods, to try a natural product or maybe not knowing what to search for - but knowing that they will find exactly what they need.

I am thankful to be able to share this journey with you all, and if I can help change one persons life at a Fair - my job is done.

From my heart to yours - I see you, I hear you, you matter.

When we are transparent and vulnerable, we can attract those that are truly meant to be within our path. I look forward to our paths crossing!

What to expect

Essential Oils
All things shiny & pretty
Card Readings
Mediumship & Psychic Readings
Massage & Chiropractic
Positive Coping Mechanisms
Energy Healing
Handmade Jewelry
All things that smell good
Smiling Faces
Good Vibes
Soul Shopping
Community Mindset