Vendor Spotlight – Roots To Light

My name is Debbie Young, I am an energy healer and mentor, an Inner Guidance mentor and a Time Line Guide using and teaching many tools and techniques as a holistic practitioner. My focus is on a healthy mind, body and soul connection, guiding you to find freedom to stand in your Light. What was your inspiration to start Roots to … Read More

Vendor Spotlight – Clearly Conscious Energetics

Our names are Ann and Bill.  Our inspiration to start this business was meeting each other on April Fools Day 2012. When we met we had an inner knowing between us. It was like two cosmic forces combing and finding the truth through love.  Our first initiative together was Clearly Conscious Energetics where we traveled across Canada and other parts of the globe teaching and … Read More

Vendor Spotlight – Infinitus Innovations (Canada) Inc.

Let’s talk about Infinitus Innovations (Canada) Inc! What was the inspiration behind Infinitus Innovations (Canada) Inc.?  Our goal is to share Traditional Chinese Medicine with everyone and at the same time help them to find financial freedom. What do you love most about what you do?  At Infinitus we are a family – we don’t just say it we live … Read More


So exciting! Who is behind Somavedic? We are two partners – Veronika Gold who is a wonderful intuitive healer ranging from bowen therapy through music therapy to hypno-therapy; and Michal Petr Recka who is a passionate metaphysics teacher and healer with a sound technical background in software engineering. In this article we however describe our side project – Somavedic Canada. … Read More

Vendor Spotlight – Remedium, Magnesium Infused Skincare

My Name is Berni Vernon and this is my story; Back in 2017 after teaching 8 yoga classes,  on a volunteer basic for the YMCA here in Orillia, I was suffering from a condition in my knees ( Osteoarthritis) I could barely walk up the stairs. While visiting with a good friend of mine, she suggested Magnesium Chloride as a … Read More

Psychic Medium Jay Lane

My Passion I love people! I have a passion for people, it’s a part of who I am. At a young age I had a near death experience and since then my abilities have made me very sensitive to the emotions others are feeling. When other people hurt I hurt, when they feel loved I can sense that as well. … Read More

Vendor Spotlight – Nancy Darlene Intuitive Artist

My name is Nancy Darlene, I’m often asked about the roots of my art. The truth is, many twists and turns of life played a part in this story, but the inspiration lies in the entire journey. So here it is – the story of my art… the story of me… I grew up on a dairy farm north of Stratford, … Read More

Vendor Spotlight – Young Living Essential Oils Independent distributor #1236050

Meet Tina Sadler and Chris Annan, Young Living Essential Oil Distributors! What was your inspiration to start: We started with Young Living based on a referral from our Naturopath to consult with an Energy Practitioner who shared this amazing visionary holistic company, which is changing the world by empowering people and raising the standard of living for the under served. … Read More

Vendor Spotlight – Maple Organics

Meet Kristine Wong with Maple Organics! Tell us about yourself! I took an 18-month self-healing journey and I naturally came accross It was a true calling for me as I found it aligned with my lifestyle- Clean, Organic, and Pure. I knew I needed to spread the goodness around.  What is Maple Organics? Organic. Pure. Effective. At Maple Organics we … Read More

Vendor Spotlight – Leanna Jane YOGA

Hey! I’m Leanna, owner of Leanna Jane YOGA a collection of teachings and sisterhoods to bring you deeper into the experience of life, raising your vibration and healing along the way. We are here to evolve, grow and expand our consciousness. What was your inspiration to start in the Wellness Industry? Honestly, it was pretty simple. It made zero sense … Read More