Collingwood's First Annual Holistic Healing Fair

March 19 2023

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March 19 | 10am-4pm


Georgian Bay Hotel & Conference Centre



Don't miss out Collingwood's First Ever Holistic Healing Fair.

Free Admission!

The most one of a kind Wellness Fair to happen in Collingwood! Join us and nourish your chakras, mind, body and soul for our Holistic Healing Fair!

This is a FREE ADMISSION event featuring over 30 unique vendors that focus on health and Wellness. Mediums, psychics, all natural products, card readings, different healing modalities, stones, jewelry, energy work and so much more!

A wonderful event for all ages.

Featuring All Things Wellness 

First 50 Attendees get Free Wellness Swag Bags!

Arriving early not only do you have first choice on all of the amazing readers, practitioners and vendors - the first 50 attendees get free wellness swag bags!



Take a Moment to Check Out Our Vendors.

Our Proud Event Sponsors:

Rose Saroyan - Unlock what holds you back * Improve ability to manage stress, anxiety & conflict * Explore your natural talents & Your Life Purpose * Understand relationship dynamics * Identify present stressors that challenge health and success * Discover personalized positive solutions * Optimize Your Life! KarmicDNA provides tangible personal wisdom for better decision making and most importantly, will help you discover the reasons behind your experiences and also discover the path to remission of disease, disorder, and pain from your life!

Healing With Dawn - Come Stressed, Leave Refreshed! I offer a variety of healing modalities and work with my clients to find the best solution to help bring them back into balance. Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Myomassage , Aromatherapy and the popular Chakra Balance massage are in “Dawn,s toolbox “. Ask me about my Be Your Own Healer program where I work 1:1 with you to create a 3 month healing experience using essential oils wellness kits, education, reiki and massage. Because I believe….a Better You Means A Better World

Our Vendors:

GiveUpPain - Reading & Releases with Kasia Kaminska & Dan Brooks, Stress & Anxiety Release Specialists - We feel within you a need to know, to understand clearly what is happening, AS its happening. Enjoy a Reading & Release with us, and step closer to the Solution and the Answers you've been looking for! Unlock the Loop of Unconscious Creating!

Spark Your Inner Truth - A Guided Journal, that you write, burn & release as you complete to unveil your deepest inner truths

Chakra Cheryl soul empowerment has a variety of healing sprays for your every need, metaphysical jewlery and bracelets, Cheryl will be also offering readings and coaching services

Organo - Selling gourmet coffee and teas infused with reishi

Enchanted Earth - Enchanted Hearth is a small, women owned business that provides carefully curated, metaphysical products! Including but not limited to, intention boxes, starter kits, crystals, candles, incense, tarot and oracle cards, and much more!

Sacred-Sevens - Native American Flutes along with 3 CD'S and a free personalized soul song.

Learned to Love Myself - Intuitive Spiritual Readings, Mindfulness colouring products for mental wellness.

Open Heart Wellness: Grief counselor & Life Coach, Reiki master and aroma touch therapy

The Gutsy Clair - Relationship Coaching with Clairaudience, Angel Cards & Crystal Healing

Life Force Nutrition is a multi-faceted wellness company. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, my clinical focus is centred on working with clients to develop nutritional practices that meet individual biochemical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. I offer one on one nutritional consulting and group workshops through my website. Life Force Nutritional also offers a line of hand crafted natural holistic aromatherapy products, medicinal products, and plant wax candles with wooden wicks. My products are inspired by the very same principals that guide my practice, living clean and feeding our 'lifeforce'

Luna Ivy Creations - Handmade jewelry, healing crystals, Handmade witchy items, energy healing and clearing .

Royal wellness - Doterra Essential Oils & Neumi

Deasigns120 - Intuitive Tarot reading. Watkins products

Heaven on Earth Healing Centre -Rose is a natural born Spiritual Medium, her abilities to connect with spirit was at a very early age. As a medium Rose brings forth specific details such as dates, names, memories and direct messages only her clients would know. Rose is very passionate & compassionate in all that she delivers from spirit who has crossed over in to the afterlife.

Aicor Inc. sells crystal products online on Amazon, Etsy, and sells offline thru trade shows.

Little Rituals Bath and Body is a self care line designed to nourish your body, mind and soul.

Renee Edwards, Energy Healer -I am an Emotion Code Specialist and Reiki Master. I identify and release emotions that are trapped in the body's energy field and channel healing energy with gentle touch.

Zen Collection - We provide our customers the tools to help further their spiritual journey

Revival Health & Life Coaching - Laura is a Mindset Coach and Holistic Wellness Practitioner Certified in Health and Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnosis and Regression Therapy. Laura is also a Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher. Her multimodality approach to healing empowers women to reclaim and realign their lives by exploring current beliefs and persistent patterns of thinking that no longer serve them and are keeping them stuck in their journey to self-actualization.

Mainline crystals - Mainline Crystals is a metaphysical store located in Sudbury. We offer a wide variety of products ranging in price and quality so there is always something for everyone. Our crystals products include jewelry, carvings, towers, tumbles, raw and free forms. We also sell tarot cards, dream catchers, keychains, candles, and so much more!

TarotBombs - Enjoy a nice relaxing bath with 30+ scents to choose from and multiple scents of shower bombs with mini tarot cards inside, bath or shower you get a mini reading!

Lightbody - Creatrix is a female focused epigenetic breakthrough process that releases deeply ingrained mindset patterns and emotions quickly, long-term, painlessly. It releases the problem and replaces it with resources and strategies from your own inner wisdom.

Husky Light - Psychic medium tarot reader. Clairvoyant, clairaudient

Life Thru Oils - Young Living has essential oils that are Seed to Seal. We not only have oils but also supplements infused with oils, cleaning products, skin care and health care products.

Karmic Crystals & Sunshine Glass - We started Karmic Crystals & Sunshine Glass in June of 2002, with the intent to provide a way to express our love for crystals and reading abilities. Along the way we have met some wonderful people and now also provide readings using tarot and crystals.

High Priestess Holistics - Our Crystal Ring Intention Candles are hand-crafted, lightly scented and infused with Magick of all sorts! We offer a wide variety of crystals, altar and "Higher Self" accessories to fit your everyday modern witchy needs.

Lean In - Finding Your Way Home - Transformational Coaching is a process to help you be fully present in this life and genuinely express who you were always meant to be. I have dedicated my life to supporting humans to be curious, to learn about themselves and use that knowledge to show up in your life in the way you have always wanted. I am a Reiki Master, I use energy healing to tap into your system and support you to identify areas for healing and transformation.

Valla's Mallas - Mala Bead Collections• Custom Design • Astrology • Reiki Master • Creating Peace, one Mala at a time.

Open Sky Cafe - Spiritual readings and healing

Bonnie Thew Psychic Medium - offering psychic readings and I also use cards. I use my gift of giving readings using my psychic abilities and connect with spirit to receive messages from loved ones who have passed into spirit. I then draw playing cards or tarot cards to complete the readings I give directions on the upcoming year or to help the client solve problems they are faced with.

ItWorks! - I represent a line of vegan and organically sourced products from ItWorks! to support nutrition and weight loss goals.

Vibrant Balance, Healy consultant -Experience Healy and MagHealy, the German smart, wearable quantum frequency bioresonance mobile technology platform as your personal energy, wellness, and success coach accessible 24/7. Real-time analysis and transmission of individualized frequencies to harmonize body, mind, soul. Transform your living space and work areas with specific harmonizing frequencies using water and atmosphere as frequency carrier. We will be offering complimentary Healy Resonance Analysis, Aura Analysis and Personal/Success Coaching Analysis demo sessions both in person and online.

Crystalmagicmama - Small ontario Canadian family buildings selling Crystals big and small, crystal healing bags, crystal pictures, hanging crystals, silver crystal earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.

The Resourceful Mother - I help people heal physically, emotionally and spiritually through nutrition consultations, life coaching, my books and more.

Maple Organics - USDA Organic certified and health-inspired products

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