May 26 2024


10:00 am – 4:00 pm


Bracebridge Fairgrounds
Town of, 331 Fraserburg Rd, Bracebridge, ON P1L 0A1, Canada

Discover alternative therapies, wellness practices, and mindful living. This free entry, vendor style event is a warm and nurturing space for self-discovery and growth. Illuminate your path to a conscious and self-nurturing life.

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Holistipedia is your source for everything wellness which is based on the 8 dimensions of wellness: physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, financial, and occupational. It is a wellness resource community hub that is a two-fold membership: for wellness businesses to be found and for those searching for them via our directory and events.  

Rose Saroyan
Rose Saroyan

Unlock what holds you back * Improve ability to manage stress, anxiety & conflict * Explore your natural talents & Your Life Purpose * Understand  relationship dynamics * Identify present stressors that challenge health and success * Discover personalized positive solutions * Optimize Your Life! KarmicDNA provides tangible personal wisdom for better decision making and most importantly, will help you discover the reasons behind your experiences and also discover the path to remission of disease, disorder, and pain from your life!


  • Learned to Love Myself
    Learned to Love Myself
    Readings, Workshops, Colouring Books & More

    Activist & philanthropist raising awareness & funds for mental & spiritual wellness through readings, mentoring, speaking, wellness workshops. Author & artist of mindfulness colouring books, cards mugs, mousepads, pencils, & prints.

  • Spark Your Inner Truth - Guided Journal
    Spark Your Inner Truth – Guided Journal
    Guided Journal

    When was the last time you had a true, pure, conversation with yourself about what has created the person that you are today? Spark Your Inner Truth is a Guided Journal filled with 150+ thought provoking questions and challenges that focus on self exploration, gratitude, manifestation, inner child work and more. It is built to be written in and then destroyed. You can rip, burn and release as you go!

  • Healing and Readings by Christina
    Healing and Readings by Christina
    Quantum Touch Energy Healing

    Quantum Touch Energy Healing and Spiritual Readings

  • GiveUpPain
    Trauma Relief Specialists

    Reading & Releases with Kasia Kaminska & Dan Brooks, Stress & Anxiety Release Specialists – We feel within you a need to know, to understand clearly what is happening, AS its happening. Enjoy a Reading & Release with us, and step closer to the Solution and the Answers you’ve been looking for!

  • Enchantments by Luiza
    Enchantments by Luiza
    Purveyor of unique and many one of a kind items

    Luiza, is a purveyor of unique and many one of a kind items. She is also a professional tarot and tea leaf reader. With many years of experience, she has clients all around the globe.

  • Eleos Crystals
    Eleos Crystals
    Healing Crystals

    Healing Crystals, Crystal jewelry

  • Zen Collection
    Zen Collection
    Crystals & Spiritual Tools

    Zen Collection will help you find your spiritual path by providing you with valuable guidance and knowledge. Through the use of crystals and other spiritual tools, we can help you select the most suitable products which will align with your intentions and expand your desired skills.

  • Nancy Darlene Intuitive Artist
    Nancy Darlene Intuitive Artist
    Intuitive Artist

    Through prayer and intention, I create art that is meant for your highest good and greatest healing. Each piece that I create comes with a message. If there is a piece that you are drawn to, read the message as it is God/Spirit nudging you and speaking to you through this piece. My you find peace and joy in the art that I create.

  • Lesa's Creations
    Lesa's Creations
    Handcrafted Artisan Jewellery

    Handcrafted Artisan jewellery and gift maker specializing in unique, wearable crystal/gemstone jewellery, wirework and beaded pieces. We pride ourselves on having something for everyone and welcome custom orders.

  • Luna Ivy Creations
    Luna Ivy Creations
    Spiritual Witchy Items & More

    Crystals, jewelry and handmade spiritual/witchy items.

  • The Reiki Witch
    The Reiki Witch
    Psychic Readings & Simmer Pot Creations

    I’m the Reiki Witch! I provide “What are your witch’s abilities?” Psychic readings. I also make and sell simmer pots, spells, diy spell kit’s, and provide a make your own simmer pot station.

  • Husky Light
    Husky Light
    Psychic Medium

    I am a Psychic Medium who also uses the Tarot, with over 13yrs experience, I will help you with your past, present and future, bring through angel messages and connect with passed loved ones on the other side and also help and advise on any ascention questions you may have.

  • Health Energies
    Health Energies
    Non-Invasive Natural Therapies

    At Health Energies studio in Wasaga Beach we offer an integrative, natural approach to great health. We use only non-invasive therapies from around the world, that restore balance to your body from the inside out. Seqex PEMF/ICR, and our 3 different light therapy devices are all licensed by Health Canada as medical or wellness devices. These include Vit D UVB Light Therapy, Plasma Near-Infrared and frequency biofeedback.

  • The Super Patch Company
    The Super Patch Company
    With Rose Marie

    Super Patch is the Neuro Path to Faster Wellness. It is a DRUG FREE, FDA registered, non invasive backed by science and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. It is a scientifically proven technology you can feel and trust providing results without side effects.

  • The High Priestess Holistics
    The High Priestess Holistics
    Crystal Ring Intention Candles & Metaphysical Items

    Our Crystal Ring Intention Candles are hand-crafted, lightly scented and infused with all sorts of Magick! We offer a wide variety of crystals, witch and altar accessories, bone art, and other metaphysical items for all of your modern witchy and spiritual journey needs!

  • Burnside Hat Co.
    Burnside Hat Co.
    Custom Hand Burnt Hats & Accessories

    Custom hand burnt hats & accessories. Wide variety of styles and designs

  • Life Force Nutrition
    Life Force Nutrition
    CBD Products

    Life Force Nutrition is a multi-faceted business with a focus on clean, toxic free products for you body, mind and soul. Natasha is committed to holistic health and provides an array of CBD products for pain management, sleep suport and stress and anxiety reduction. Additionally she offers holistic nutritional services through her practice.

  • Finnia Chocolate and Cacao
    Finnia Chocolate and Cacao
    All-natural Chocolate

    All-natural, fine chocolate made from bean-to-bar on Manitoulin Island.

  • Spiritually You
    Spiritually You
    healing modalities, yogic movement and Mediumship

    We are Spiritual light workers focused on healing, teaching and guidance. We joined together to utilize our gifts to provide you a tailored, and healing spiritual experience based on your needs. Teddi began her journey finding yoga and bringing it to you, she has since become a Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Healer. Jen is a lightworker, connecting to spirit and energy. She is a Reiki Practitioner and Medium. Our services include Reiki Healing
    Crystal Journeys
    Spiritual Guidance
    Yogic Movement
    Mediumship Workshops Meditation
    Private Groups And more

  • The Scented Bohemian
    The Scented Bohemian
    Botanical Skin Care

    the scented bohemian is a premium, small batch skin care line free from synthetic and artificial ingredients. We’re on a mission to help choosy people with sensitive and/or aging skin get their glow back and keep it.

  • Cedar Canoe Candles
    Cedar Canoe Candles
    Soy Wax Candles

    Indigenous hand poured 100% soy wax + wooden wick candles. Scents inspired by Northern Ontario plant medicines and memories.

  • Stoic Beauty
    Stoic Beauty
    Water-safe Skincare.

    Stoic Beauty offers high-quality skincare products that are effective, ethical, and environmentally conscious. With a focus on natural ingredients and innovative formulations, Stoic Beauty strives to provide solutions for complex skin issues such as rosacea, eczema and acne-prone skin. Our products all end their journey from nature back to nature by way of our water systems. With this in mind, Stoic Beauty is committed to deep environmental stewardship by only formulating with ingredients that biodegrade safely in water and do not bioaccumulate in aquatic life.

  • Girls Art Corner
    Girls Art Corner
    Handmade Bath and Body, Resin Creations

    Natural bath and body products
    Some hand crafted resin jewerlery

  • Deasigns120

    Intuitive Tarot Card Reader

  • The Bohemy Co
    The Bohemy Co
    boho-inspired brass jewelry

    The Bohemy Co is a line of boho-inspired brass jewelry. My collection includes fringe earrings, beaded hoops, gemstone bracelets, string bracelets and brass necklaces.

    Behind the Bohemy Co is me, Josianne, a French bohemian creative type. You can find me making jewelry in my studio, on the beach, in the forest, or in my vintage camper.

  • Amanda Ingall
    Amanda Ingall
    Tarot Readings

    Amanda is an experienced Tarot Reader with a creative approach. A reading with Amanda offers a chance to see and interact with the conscious and unconscious influences in and around your Self. With gentle guidance, Amanda will lead your session in an intuitive and down-to-earth style that gives clarity, and opens possibilities, and aligns you with your inner wisdom.

  • Souvenirs Of Tibet
    Souvenirs Of Tibet
    Tibetan Jewelry, Fair Trade, Meditation

    Souvenirs Of Tibet is a humble organization that caters handmade products and fair trade goods, consisting of yoga apparel, meditation items,
    fine Tibetan jewelry etc.

  • Roots To Light
    Roots To Light

    Roots to Light Coaching & Training – Debbie is a Holistic Practitioner and Master Teacher of Magnified Healing. Visit our booth to experience a vibrational healing energy session; register for pendulum workshops to learn how to communicate with your unconscious mind to get answers, make decisions and improve health; plus find a large selection of pendulums to choose from and handmade pendulum mats and bags.

  • Eyes for Health NeoLife
    Eyes for Health NeoLife
    Eye Health

    The Iris of the eyes tell us the strengths and weakness of our body and helps us find the root cause of issues. A 10 min iris overview will be given with an additional 10 min for possible solutions using food, exercises and/or whole food NeoLife supplements.

  • My Conscious Wellness
    My Conscious Wellness
    Sound Therapy, Scalar Energy

    Sound Therapy and Scalar Energy instruments are designed to provide full-mind, body, and spirit healing.

  • Jay's Jems
    Jay's Jems
    High graded minerals

    Gems, minerals, jeweler, rare crystals

  • Kisses From Heaven
    Kisses From Heaven
    Reiki Infused Bath, Body and Candles

    Kisses From Heaven has created artisan hand-made organic soaps and 100% soy candles, each of which is infused with Reiki and Crystal Healing properties. We ensure that all our products are toxin, SLS, parabens and phthalates-free. We also work with trusted Artisans to provide metaphysical Reiki-infused products including natural mists such as a Reiki Mist. We also sell Palo Santo, sage, raw crystals and abalone shells.

  • Karen Amestoy
    Karen Amestoy
    Age Reversal

    Unmatched and only available with LifeWave, we’ve combined the reality of science with the imagination of innovation to offer the only wearable health technology that harnesses your body’s natural properties of relief, improvement, and performance – including healthy stem cell activity – to promote a host of specific lifestyle benefits.

    Unlock your body’s ability to live well.

    In life, your efforts to remove or reduce the impact of problems like pain and inflammation can range from small to all-consuming quests. Your search for strength, both physical and mental, can also be a passion. Let us guide you in your quests with products that strengthen you in a variety of ways. Including but not limited to support relief of minor aches and pains, enhance sports performance improved mental clarity, improve skin appearance, provide energy and vitality as well as speed up recovery from exercise.

  • Bonnie Thew Psychic- medium
    Bonnie Thew Psychic- medium
    Psychic- medium

    I do readings using my psychic gift and if the client wants a message from spirit I will do this too.
    I also incorporate cards in the reading near the end of the sessions

  • Nytesong Healing
    Nytesong Healing
    Intuitive Psychic and Evidential Medium, Spiritual Healer and Guide

    Nytesong is a born intuitive psychic and evidential medium. She connects you to spirit and loved ones who have passed using mediumship and tarot and oracle cards. She has many healing skills including Reiki Master/Teacher, Trauma informed yoga guide, Guided Meditation and Sound Healing. After living through her own trauma she was not able to heal through traditional medicine. Nytesong discovered ways of healing the mind, body, and soul through spiritual practices. It is now her journey to help others heal.

  • The Whispering Song School of Energy Medicine
    The Whispering Song School of Energy Medicine
    Registered Psychotherapist

    Gaisheda Kheawok is a Medicine Person, Wisdom Healer, Registered Psychotherapist, Visionary and Seer. She is the Founder and Executive Director of The Whispering Song School of Energy Medicine. She offers Soul Consultations/Readings based on the Tribal and Celtic Thirteen Canoes®. The Thirteen Canoes® are represented by Colour, Image and Vibration. Drawing upon her thirty-five years of experience in the field of Archetypal Shamanic Energy Medicine® (ASEM®) and the healing arts, Gaisheda has pioneered the bridge between ancient tribal wisdoms, emerging sciences and contemporary counselling practices based on the Thirteen Canoes® Wisdom wheels™, representing the highest vibration of one’s Soul’s essence. As a celebrated international speaker, Gaisheda has facilitated over 3,000 workshops and Sacred Site pilgrimages worldwide.

  • Mystic Mandy Psychic Medium / Palm Reader
    Mystic Mandy Psychic Medium / Palm Reader
    Psychic Medium / Palm Reader

    Psychic Medium/ Palm Reader with over 20yrs experience
    , I’m here to help you find your way through the challenges life throws your way. With my guidance and support, you can get insights, clarity and answers to help you achieve positive outcomes and find peace in the midst of chaos.
    It’s my vision to help as many people as possible to get the answers they seek and find their path in life. It’s my mission to use my gift to make a difference in the world, one person at a time.
    I look forward to hearing from you – it’s my mission to be of service.

  • Peak Crystals & Minerals
    Peak Crystals & Minerals
    Crystals, Gems, Apothecary

    Peak Crystals & Minerals is home to a selection of crystals and minerals, carefully hand-picked for their uniqueness, beauty, and radiant energy. We offer sound cleansing for all crystals, as well as yourself; the perfect way to energize those intentions. We also offer hand-made jewelry and apothecary jars, to combine the energies of crystals and plants.

  • Uniquely Rising
    Uniquely Rising
    Tarot, Reiki, Quantum Touch

    I provide a variety of Holistic services, Tarot card readings, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Conscious relationship work and more.

  • Sacred-Sevens
    Energetic & Magical Sound Healing

    Flutes, CD’s

  • MoonWater Products
    MoonWater Products
    Handcrafted Self Care Products

    Unique & Handcrafted Self Care Products.Celestial energy based to enhance your daily rituals

  • Garden of Beadin
    Garden of Beadin
    Handmade Jewelry

    hand crafted jewelry and accessories made in a mix of materials and methods

  • Remedium
    Magnesium Based skincare

    Magnesium Based skincare , Magnesium( topical ) is a natural anti-inflammatory., where pain resides. Anyone suffering from Magnesium deficiency will benefit greatly. Some of the symptoms of being low on magnesium are : restless legs , insomnia, migraine headaches, arthritis , joint & muscle pain, anxiety & depression. Topical magnesium will supply your daily required magnesium and you will get 100% absorption.

  • Wellness By Lily
    Wellness By Lily
    All-Natural products

    Wellness by Lily showcases All-Natural products for the Body, Mind & Soul for Adults, Teens, and Children as well as for your beloved pets.

  • Brave Roots
    Brave Roots

    Brave Roots: Courageous Healing and Tree Care Rooted in Divine Love. Founded by Kirsten, a former RN turned healer, we offer Alchemical Energy Healing, Breathwork, and Astrology guidance for true healing, expansion and purpose. We also provide expert tree care services, ensuring the health and safety of your trees and home.

  • Psychic Medium Yolanta Meri
    Psychic Medium Yolanta Meri
    Psychic Medium

    Heaven has visiting hours. Would you like to connect to YOUR Spirit Loved Ones? Mediumship & Psychic Readings

  • Tarot by Brenda D
    Tarot by Brenda D
    Clairvoyant, Tarot

    It is through the Tarot that I am able to convey messages and insight. With help from my Clairaudience and Claircognizance, my intuitiveness allows me to provide perspective and clarification on situations close to your heart and home. Sometimes we need some clarity to identify what may be interfering, missing or what is getting in your way. Let’s work together and bring out the great things that lay ahead for you.

  • In Tune
    In Tune
    Sound Therapy

    Biofield Tuning is a powerful sound therapy method that uses tuning forks to target nervous system relaxation which can alleviate physical mental and emotional symptoms.


    We provide and teach both eastern and western styles of massage therapy including Traditional Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Swedish and Chi Nei Tsang.

  • Opal Wing Jewelllery
    Opal Wing Jewelllery
    Sacred Gemstone and Botanical Jewellery

    Steeped in ancestral wisdom, rooted in connectivity; Opal Wing Jewellery offers sacred talismans, sculpted from cast botanical and tree elements, rare gemstones, fossils, crystals and hand painted porcelains. Naomi is a seasoned silversmith with over twenty five years in relation with spirit, metal and stone. Naomi handcrafts all her silver and bronze jewellery in the her woodland studio amongst the trees and rocks the niagara escarpment.

  • Spiritual Healings With The Soul Pilot
    Spiritual Healings With The Soul Pilot
    Reiki, Tarot

    I offer relaxing Reiki, as well as other energy healing methods, life coaching, spirit guidance, angel card readings, empowering meditations, life reviews, past life regression, access consciosness bars, as well as a variety of other spiritual and chakra balancing products and services.