London's Jolly Holiday Holistic Healing Fair

November 3, 2019


November 3 | 10am-4pm


Best Western Plus Lamplighter Inn & Conference Centre



Don't miss out London's Jolly Holiday Holistic Healing Fair.

Free Admission!

The most one of a kind Wellness Fair to happen in London! Join us and nourish your chakras, mind, body and soul for our Jolly Holiday Holistic Healing Fair!

This is a FREE ADMISSION event featuring over 35 unique vendors that focus on health and Wellness. Mediums, psychics, all natural products, card readings, different healing modalities, stones, jewelry, energy work and so much more!

A wonderful event for all ages.

We will be giving away free children’s mandala colouring pages, prizes, life changing speeches and sharing special world Healing engagements with all who attend!

The early bird gets the worm! Arriving early not only do you have first choice on all of the amazing readers, practitioners and vendors – the first 50 attendees get wellness swag bags!

First 50 Attendees get Free Wellness Hand Bags!

Arriving early not only do you have first choice on all of the amazing readers, practitioners and vendors - the first 50 attendees get free wellness swag bags!

Take a Moment to Check Out Our Vendors.

Kasia and Dan Stress & Trauma Relief Speicialists of GiveUpPain, offering Reading & Release Sessions

Inner Insights Holistic School & Spa: Mini massages, reflexology, Reiki, intuitive reads Aromatic hemp soap, eco shampoos and conditioners, bath bombs, salves for eczema, diapers rash/yeast soothing sprays, lip balms, roller ball aromatic remedies, pure essential oils personally sourced world wide

Soul Reflections: Aura Photography/Chakra Imaging Numerology readings, and Moonology photos.

Tessera Oracle: The Tessera Oracle is an original and uniquely modern divination system. A set of hard enamel charms, the Tessera Oracle was designed for easy and intuitive fortune telling for every person that touches it.

Nu Skin/Pharmanex: We will be testing nutrition with a quick 30 second scan that is non-invasive and more accurate than blood serum testing. Your score will let you know how well your body is absorbing your diet and if your supplements are working for you ($5/scan) We recommend nutraceutical supplements based on your nutritional test. In 60 days we can measure how they are working for you and any diet changes you have made.

Your Soul's Content: Spiritual & Crystal Healer, Atlantean Healing, Chakra/Aura Cleanse, Cds, Books, Crystals personally programmed Just For You, Crystals solely programmed in support of Ray Children. Also offering pain relief, relief from the energies of dis-ease

Sewnatura-Lise: Handmade reusable heat packs for different parts of the body including neck/back, shoulder, hip, wrist, hand, foot, head and eye masks. Additional cotton covers for cleanliness and specialty covers to convert the heat wrap for different areas of the body. Made with cotton and organic whole oats.

Sanetha's Soulgenic Healing Soulutions: Sanetha is an inspirational & transformational spiritual & intuitive psychic medium, healer & author, guide and speaker, inspiring others to find the "god inside'.

SoLuna Essentials: As a natural wellness practitioner, I always have your health in mind. That's why I choose only organic, and sustainably-sourced ingredients, free from chemical additives and preservatives.

Gravelle Family Chiropractic: We are a brain based and overall wellness focused office. We focus on the whole person, individual or family analyzing and measuring the impact the load of life (stress) has on our physiology and body. Our booth is interactive with on site Vitality testing! Dr. Laura Gravelle has over 15 years experience helping our community express and experience life to the fullest.

Aroma Crystal Therapy Ltd. Gardeners Dream Cream brand of all natural skin care, bath and body products. Vibrational Aromatherapy healing creams and moisturizers.

Thrive Life: Simple. Clean. Food. delivered to your door.

Spiritearth Holistics Inc: One hundred percent all natural hair and skin care, essentials oils teas, cold compress soaps, bath bombs. All biodegradable, eco friendly packaging and ingredients a aboriginal company all products made on the Oneida nation of the thames

Moon and Manna Candle Co: Our candles are made with the intention of helping you create a sacred space within your inner and outer world. Each candle is hand poured with a base of coconut and soy wax infused with essential oils, herbs, dried flowers and super charged crystals. We believe that mother earth provides us with all that we need to thrive and our candles are made with pure earth magic.

Be Human, Not a Zombie: A Guide to Finding Your Fundamental Nature is a book I created. Basically, it's about an experiment I did over the last 4 years on my self (10,000+ hrs) through meditation, self-inquiry, yoga, and mastery to touch back to my fundamental nature and I guide others how to touch theirs by turning within using the same means.

The Blue Hair Medium: Spiritual Intuitive, Medium, Channel, Empath, Energy worker and more.

Young Living: a wellness company that helps you to take the guess work out of living a toxin free lifestyle at home. We carry all-natural essential oils, essential oil infused supplements, cleaning , personal and baby care products and beautiful savvy minerals make-up.

Litios Light Crystals: are highly energized light tools which are brought to the Earth to raise our energy and frequency as well as that of our surroundings and give us more energy, clarity, and vitality. All Litios Light Crystals help to balance our aura, raise our vibration, and activate our higher, divine consciousness.

Klarity13 Tarot Card Reader does Tarot readings with varies cards and works in her psychic / mediumship in to the readings. she also does spirit drawing and writing. Dowsing and Psychometry. Klara has hand made art doll's, mini Broom Sticks, mojo bags and more.

rAw Aromatherapy: Handcrafted gemstone healing bracelets and necklaces - 55 stones varieties. Carefully curated stones, crystals and specimens from around the world.

VoxxLife: Socks and Insoles

Season Rose Spirit: Energy based bracelets, candles and sprays

Journey To Wellness Plus: Chair Massage

Harmony in Colour: provides workshops & healing sessions focusing on Vibrational Medicine (sound, colour & crystals) Retailing over 135 varieties of tumbled gemstones, specimens & metaphysical products.

Doterra Essential Oils and Essential Oil Necessities aromatherapy products.

She Loves Leggs: Our leggings are versatile and comes in a variety of amazing designs and patterns. We also have the most competitive pricing in Canada. We also have a unconditional garentee It makes us the only legging company to offer this guarantee.

Arbonne: Health and wellness, essential oils, makeup

Spiritualfunk: has an array of inspirarional handmade items such as Art, art cards, jewllery, wood hangings as well as great selection of Oracle cards & crystals.

Awaken: I read the flow of universal energy as it moves through you. I use tarot cards, mediumship, and crystals to release blocks, help your energy move freely, and assist you in finding your path.

Golden Sunflower Healing: Chakra stones, Color baths products, stones bracelets, educational energy books, other products related to energy clearing, chakras soaps. Giving holistic energy examination by reading chakras and auras.

Maple Organics: Canada's First Organic Pharmaceutical Company

SoulleeU Healings: Energy Healing - Emotion Code - Freeing the mind, body and soul, Wrapped Crystals, Wood burning art work, Intention Potions using essential oils

Jerry Mystic, The Viking Messenger offers Viking Rune readings, pendulums and crystal lamps. Over 23 years experience helping people gain insight and clarity into their life paths and how to change them for the better.

PureTrim nutritional supplements, plant based, organic ingredients, vegan certified. Help improve overall health, weight loss, joint and muscle pain and anti-aging.

My Angel’s Closet: You never know what you will find in My Angel’s Closet Crystals, Amethyst from Thunder Bay Ontario, quartz from the Caribbean, jewellery, selenite, including amazing harmonizers, Reiki jewelry and just a bit more

Bemer therapy: is used for all well- being , improved cardiac functions and physical fitness. The majority of the global population could benefit from using BEMER, and it is highly probable that you will too ! Only good , functional circulation ensures proper supply of nutrients and oxygen as well as proper waste removal within the body. This is fundamental for all metabolic processes . On this basis, it is clear what a critical role the circulatory system plays in well being .

Associate with Max International: Max International's patented science and supplements support the natural production of the body's master antioxidant. Discover the life-changing benefits and a healthier lifestyle with Max International

Nancy Darlene Intuitive Artist: Pen & Ink, coloured fine tipped marker drawing. Watercolour paintings, Acrylic Paintings, Acrylic paintings-infused with crystals, clear quartz, rose quartz, aqua marine, citrine to name a few

Spiritual Ninja: I will be provided mini Thai yoga massage treatments as well as some information on my my youth mindful movement mentorship program.

Solaris Light: A Cutting Edge, Innovative, Interactive, Powerful and Effective Healing & Empowering Modality. Explore Your Natural Talents and Your Life Purpose. Please come and visit to: To find clarity if at a crossroad, If you are on the journey to healing, To understand certain relationship dynamics, To identify the challenges that hold you back from success, To discover positive solutions aligned with your higher self

NuQi Wellness Solutions: Consciousness Focused Products

Remedium: Magnesium infused skincare

Knights Reflections: Teresa focuses her readings on your energy and what is your priorities to know for the greater good. Her metaphysical approach to healing will help guide you to raise your level of vibration. Teresa offers her stained glass art that are infused with Love. Healing symbols, hearts, stepping stones and wind chime will make great gifts for yourself and others.

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