Ottawa's Holistic Healing Fair

October 23, 2022



October 23| 10am-4pm


Nepean Sportsplex




Don't miss out Ottawa's Holistic Healing Fair.

Free Admission!

This is a FREE ADMISSION event featuring over 40 unique vendors that focus on health and wellness. Mediums, psychics, all natural products, card readings, different healing modalities, stones, jewelry, energy work and so much more to explore!

A wonderful event for all ages.

First 50 Attendees get Free Wellness Swag Bags!

Arriving early not only do you have first choice on all of the amazing readers, practitioners and vendors - the first 50 attendees get free wellness swag bags!

Take a Moment to Check Out Our Vendors.

Spark Your Inner Truth - A Guided Journal, that you write, burn & release as you complete to unveil your deepest inner truths

GiveUpPain - Reading & Releases with Kasia Kaminska & Dan Brooks, Stress & Trauma Release Specialists - We feel in you a need to know, to understand what is happening AS its happening. Come and sit down with us for a Reading & Release and step closer to the solution, and to the answers you've been looking for!

Vibrant Balance - As a Wellness Business Strategist, my passion is to empower success-minded wellness practitioners, coaches and wellness business owners who are committed to moving the world to wellness to achieve greater vitality, clarity and freedom.

Xenapotheca - I’m a traditional birth worker, doula, medicine woman, fertility and cyclical health coach who makes homemade Holistic Care Products. Kid/pet friendly herbal remedies. Womb healing herbal practices and traditional postpartum recovery modalities.

Tao Inner Compass- Quantum Healing with Transformative Healing Art.

MD Remedium - Specializing in in Bowen Therapy, Rejuvance, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Remedium, and Life Coaching.

Quiet Earth Healing Arts - Hand-knotted, gemstone bead MALA necklaces. More than jewelry, MALAS are mindfulness tools that support your meditation journey.

FREYIAS - Showcasing candles, body butters, paintings, bookmarks, and macramé. Offering tarot readings.

Centered - Sound Healing Instruments - Meditation and Sound Healing Tools

Femade Pain Management Centre - We are a health clinic in Ottawa offering allied healthcare to address both the physical and psychological aspects of pain, with a passion and focus on gynecological and invisible illnesses.

Purely Elemental - A homebased full service wellness boutique based just outside of Kemptville On. This is our 10th year in business and I am so pleased to offer not only energy work and intuitive readings, but also the handcrafted self care items that are so very popular with my clients. I offer not only Reiki and IET to cleanse the energetic body, but also energetically charged soap, bath salts and more to offer physical cleansing as well as energetic. Whole health includes the mystical and I want to see you living your best life.

Neumi - provides the latest technology in skin care and nutritional supplements with breakthrough HydraStat Nano-Technology.

Goldenhandshealers - Energy healing, a simple but powerful technique to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Understand how your 11 major chakras affect your health and how your body can heal itself.

Coin d'art des filles/Girls Art Corner - Bath bombs, bath salts, artisan soaps, essential oil blends, diffusing jewerlery. All natural products.

Your Souls Content - Offering Spiritual & Crystal - Atlantean Healing, Intuitive counselling, Chakra cleanse & Alignment, Ancestral Healing, Crystals Individually programmed just for you. Crystal patterns for children. Clear new energies. Will it be the Car wash, the oil change or the overhaul?

Arc of Life Chiropractic Natural Health Group - Free nervous system analysis! Computerized thermography scan testing where tension is being stored & potentially influencing your body’s natural adaptability.

Doterra Essential Oils & Wellness Items

Lara Bokovay - A Quantum Healer, Psychic Medium, Certified Intuitive Life Coach and Certified Executive Coach. I will be offering Intuitive Readings - I connect with the divine, your higher-self, ancestors, spirit guides and angels to bring you messages of truth, hope, love and healing.

LEGG-acy - An amazing assortment of buttery-soft leggings/capris for women/children @ hard-to-beat tax-free prices! Something for everyone!

Mary Kay - Natural Skin Care, Grooming, Health and Wellness and Body Care Products!

Crystal Visions By Matt - I will be offering readings with Tarot, Oracle Kipper, Lenormand, Russian Fortune Telling and Tea Leaf Cards.

ROOT-A-VI INC - A whole body supplement containing 23 ALIVE nutrients that begin their synergistic balance that work through the entire digestive system, blood system and the endocrine system to allow the whole body to function as one.

My Conscious Wellness - We introduce and share the use of advanced consciousness-based technologies (divine sciences) to help balance and harmonize the subtle energies fields of the human form so that people get an opportunity to begin to more easily let go of emotions, mental and physical traumas, and experiences stored in the human energy field.

Valla's Malas - Handcrafted Meditation Malas, Crystal and Gemstone healing bracelets, electroformed and soldered gemstone "Peaces" Infused with Reiki, Love, Light and healing.

Ask JoJo Vibes - I provide intuitive tarot readings that connect you to your higher power and deeper purpose. I am an Empath and I always take a empathetic approach to my readings. I aim to tell you what I sense genuinely and gently. My reading style focuses on self development and personal growth.

The High Priestess Holistics - A wide variety of crystals, altar and "Higher Self" accessories to fit your everyday modern witchy needs!

The Scented Bohemian - We are a handcrafted, botanical-based skin care line that helps informed and selective buyers wanting an effective, affordable, and toxic free routine that will help them get their glow back and keep it. Our premium, expertly curated skin care formulas begin with herbal infusions that are geared to those experiencing sensitive or aging skin.

Kilibrium Healing - Spiritual and Energy Medicine practitioner, trained in Traditional Shamanic Healing, ThetaHealing, as a Reiki Master Teacher and in Hypnotherapy (Beyond Quantum Healing).

Tristen Sky - Tristen Sky is an igniter of consciousness. He assists others as a professional and certified astrologer, healer, and channeller. He also creates highly vibrational auric sprays made crystal essences, essential oils and flower essences.

Helix Lightwork - Linda Lonseth assists people who are seeking for answers to who they truly are and what they are here to do. She helps people access inner guidance and develop their intuitive abilities through shamanic lightwork guided visualizations, energy balancing and expansion, and practical intuitive tools. Services offered are Personal Sessions in nature or online; personalized four-month ‘Inner Journey of Discovery’ to expand psychic abilities and develop inner oneness or ‘Life Changes Inner Journey’ to deal with a major life change and get clear about what direction to go next.

Organo Gold - Gourmet healthy coffee and teas, mochas, shakes

Valixya - Positive Intention Bottles and Car Charms, Altar Boxes, DIY gift boxes, Tree of Life, Gem stones and pendants.

Norwex - Our Mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes. We do this by creating Safe Havens in every home we touch as we help families live more sustainably and safer from the effects of harmful chemicals.

Sax & The Eclectic Tea Cup - Sage, Sweetgrass grown from my garden. Smudging supplies, Loose Leaf Tea - my brand and line called necessitea. Gem Bracelets for Chakras.

Chakra Cheryl Soul empowerment coaching, Cheryl is a multidimensional healer, pyschic medium, human design and Oracle card reader, here to connect you to your highest most authentic soul aligned timeline. Her passion is to empower and unlock ones unique soul codes and awaken new energy portals through her readings and coaching services, she also has a variety of metaphysical items to purchase

Henna Hands By Kinjal - Henna designs

Zantrayhealing - Pelvic steam and herbal blends, Yoni steaming stools, The concept is similar to hydrotherapy and helps women with: pms, postpartum, fibroids, sleep, menopause or women into holistic healing

Voxxlife - A wearable neurotech company which provides drug-free, noninvasive solutions for that offer the same physical benefits as more traditional, OTC alternatives—sans all the side effects. It’s scientifically proven technology you can trust, with results you can feel. We also help athletes who want to beat their personal best naturally!

Katmanduhub - Handhammard meditation singingbowls, Statues, Prayer malas, Insence etc

Tara May - Energy Sessions & Training - Energy healing & training for personal health and a happy home. Tara is a Reiki Master, certified Mindfulness and Group Chakra practitioner.

Morph Into You - Sacred Bath and Sacred Smudging Products. Bath products are aroma-therapeutic - handmade using natural ingredients and 100% medical-grade essential oils. Crafted to help support the subtle energetic body and the entire chakra and auric system. Bath bombs, sugar scrubs, natural soaps, crystal-embedded products. Smudging products are ethically sourced; some are made here in Ontario.

The Gutsy Coach - Relationship Advice & Angel Card Readings with Ginny Connon, The Gutsy Coach. My ‘Gutsy’ combo of natural high level intuitive listening and relationship coaching helps you quickly narrow down your own Gutsy choices with more ease. I balance these 30 minute mini-sessions using FUN interactive holistic healing with sound, writing, crystals, stones and Angel Cards. Love grows starting with the relationship to yourself first. This is 30 minutes just for YOU!

Life Booster Tea sells wellness teas with specific hand-picked ingredients designed to improve your life and to solve major issues that people face on a daily basis, including lack of sleep, being overstressed, a weakened immune system, and more.

Earth Heart Healing is a virtual platform that offers conscious, heart-centered & trauma informed support for awakening souls via virtual sessions & transformational programs. Marnie is also a new author promoting her first book Sparks From The Heart.

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