Ottawa's Holistic Healing Fair

October 20, 2019


October 20 | 10am-4pm


Nepean Sportsplex



Don't miss out Ottawa's Holistic Healing Fair.

Free Admission!

The most one of a kind Wellness Fair to happen in Ottawa! Join us and nourish your chakras, mind, body and soul for our annual Holistic Healing Fair!

This is a FREE ADMISSION event featuring over 35 unique vendors that focus on health and Wellness. Mediums, psychics, all natural products, card readings, different healing modalities, stones, jewelry, energy work and so much more!

A wonderful event for all ages.

We will be giving away free children’s mandala colouring pages, prizes, life changing speeches and sharing special world Healing engagements with all who attend!

The early bird gets the worm! Arriving early not only do you have first choice on all of the amazing readers, practitioners and vendors – the first 50 attendees get wellness swag bags!

First 50 Attendees get Free Wellness Hand Bags!

Arriving early not only do you have first choice on all of the amazing readers, practitioners and vendors - the first 50 attendees get free wellness swag bags!

Take a Moment to Check Out Our Vendors.

The beginning of our amazing vendor line up, stay tuned for more to be added!

Our Proud Event Sponsors:

Harmonics 369 offers many modalities including bodywork and healing with the focus on sound and harmonics. With decades of experience working with individuals from all walks of life through readings, ancient bodywork, crystals, and more, Karin is able to create deep shifts of awareness, perception and healing on many levels.

PureTrim with Makeda McCallum & FitNics Training Systems: Sharing health and wellness products for weightloss and joint pain reduction.

Our Vendors:

Kasia and Dan Stress & Trauma Relief Speicialists of GiveUpPain, offering Reading & Release Sessions

The Scented Bohemian: 100% natural skin and hair care, salves, bath salts, dog products and soy candles.

Eleven Love: Is a brand built on the pillars of love and kindness. We make Spiritually inspired products, such as String wish bracelets, Mala Bracelets, Candles, greeting cards and various apparel. We love the number 11 and we love LOVE. Our items are hand made right here in Ottawa Canada.

Moonflower's Metaphysical: Hand made locate products to assist you in your everyday life. From clearing and releasing unwanted energy to opening your third eye. We offer a large selection of aura sprays, candles, oils and items that can help assist you on your healing and growing path.

Glass Act: Stained Glass

The Magpie's Mess: A collection of handmade divination tools including rune stones and pendulums, as well as pagan inspired artwork, decor and altar items for the modern witch. Crafts from locally foraged items, sustainably sourced gemstones, ethically sourced animal parts and homegrown herbs and plants.

All Charmed: Sells handmade crystal infused liquid smudges, loose incenses, bath products,candles , jewelry, macrame keychains and macrame wall ceiling /hangings with crystals.

Green Tara Reiki and Healing: Offering heart-centered healing services. I am an InterDimensional Energetic Master Consultant. I will be offering Reiki, Akashic Records Readings, Tarot and Oracle Card Readings.

Alive + Fit Magazine

Misiwe Ni Relations Healing Lodge: Wachay! I am Indigenous, so many of my products are the spiritual tools we use for our ceremonies (smudging fans, etc). We also make jewelry that honours spirituality and clothing, etc that promote wellness. We are a Lodge that also rents space and offers healing.

Your Ascension Journey with Cherîe Hebert: Offering Psychic Soul Readings/Channelled Energy for an overall insightful and healing experience. She also handcrafts many high-frequency products and jewellery to assist those with healing and ascension symptoms.

VoxxLife: Socks and Insoles

Valla's Malas: Handcrafted Meditation Malas, Crystal and Gemstone healing bracelets, electroformed and soldered gemstone "Peaces" Infused with Reiki, Love, Light and healing.

I AM LOVABLE: Is spreading the message its cool to be YOU, and who you really are is on the inside. Offering Baby, Youth & Adult Clothing & Children's books bearing the I AM LOVABLE brand.

Reiki Ottawa: Kathy Glover Scott M.S.W., R.S.W., Reiki (Ascended) Master- Teacher leads and teaches people with the capacity to be advanced energy workers and those committed to their spiritual evolution. Through her books, courses, Energy Download Events and individual consultations, Kathy is a leader in advanced energy healing in Canada.

Arianne Gosselin Osteopathy: An Osteopathic Manual Therapist, providing a gentle and holistic form of healthcare which works with the body's ability to self-heal. Osteopathy is great for a large variety of ailments, such as back pain or other body aches and pains, digestive issues, headaches, sciatic pain, frozen shoulder, TMJ, and so much more.

Young Living: a wellness company that helps you to take the guess work out of living a toxin free lifestyle at home. We carry all-natural essential oils, essential oil infused supplements, cleaning , personal and baby care products and beautiful savvy minerals make-up.

Your Soul's Content: Spiritual & Crystal Healer, Atlantean Healing, Chakra/Aura Cleanse, Cds, Books, Crystals personally programmed Just For You, Crystals solely programmed in support of Ray Children. Also offering pain relief, relief from the energies of dis-ease

Betwixt The Nethers: Inspired by the natural world, and all the beauty within, Betwixt the Nethers is an homage to the area surrounding my home in Gatineau Hills, Canada.
Working with healing crystals, fallen leaves, and plants, and repurposed copper plumbing pipe, I create unique, one of a kind jewelry for the nature lover. I also paint wildlife in Watercolour.

Misty River Introductions: We are a long term Match Making service.

Sewnatura-Lise: Handmade reusable heat packs for different parts of the body including neck/back, shoulder, hip, wrist, hand, foot, head and eye masks. Additional cotton covers for cleanliness and specialty covers to convert the heat wrap for different areas of the body. Made with cotton and organic whole oats.

Healing Essentials offers uniquely designed crystal and essential oil roller blends. All of our blends are made with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils and cruelty free, natural carrier oils.

She Loves Legs: Our leggings are versatile and comes in a variety of amazing designs and patterns. We also have the most competitive pricing in Canada. We also have a unconditional guarantee.

Fractal Effects focuses on providing high frequency homewares and personal effects to raise the Vibration frequency of the home and help people reach their highest potential.

A Healing Journey: Individual consultations offering Soul Communication to the Heavenly realm and offering Tao Calligraphy and/or Tao Hands blessings to facilitate healing on many levels.

Girls Art Corner: We use only natural ingredients and work with essential oils. Everything is handcrafted with care in order to assure a good quality of product. We add a description of each essential oils we use in all of our product so that our customers are aware of the benefits of each ingredients used.

Mary Kay Make Up

Rainbow Minerals: A large selection of Stones, Minerals, ( all can be used for healing and meditation practice) Beads of all kinds for people to make malas and bracelets with stone energy. Crystals, palm stones, healing stones, meditation tools

Doterra Essential Oils and Essential Oil Necessities aromatherapy products.

Mystic Flow: is our sacred music band- Ancestral~Universal benevolence vibrations we wish to advertise for events..gathering community links for sharing our music. collectively &Individually we each have our own spirit art/ energy /sound healing services of which we wish to advertise..share.

Lara Bokovay: Medium and Angel Card Reader. Guided by the angels, guides and spirit, I deliver true messages of love and spiritual guidance. I connect with angels, guides and spirit, to send forth divine messages of truth, hope, love and angelic healing. My inspiring and personal intuitive readings shine light on your life with specific and accurate messages.

Independent Scentsy Consultant Barb Bowie: Carries many scented products for your home & on the go!

Quantumwave is a visionary company with a guiding message of light as the medicine of the future. Our mission is to help all to unwind from stress, tension and dis-ease and to provide a reference for Quantum Wellness as we enter into the new season emerging on Planet Earth.

PSIO: Glasses are light therapy combined with meditation. It is yoga for the brain. Helps with sleeping disorders, stress, anxiety and a lot more.

Golden Sunflower Healing: Chakra stones, Color baths products, stones bracelets, educational energy books, other products related to energy clearing, chakras soaps. Giving holistic energy examination by reading chakras and auras.

Solaris Light: Life challenges can become our stress factors and these stresses not only hold us back from success and happiness in life and in business, they are also the core cause of illness in the body. Learn how to perceive and work through these causes of stress and dis-ease through exploring your KarmicDNA and stay healthy and enjoy ultimate relationships and be your best and most productive self. An Innovative and Interactive healing/counselling modality.

Norwex: Cleaning products -  safe for families and the environment.

Muse Self-care: offers plant-powered beauty and wellness treatments and oils that are as good for your skin as they are for your mental and emotional health. Using natural and vegan ingredients with sustainable practices, Muse Self-care offers products that support you on your holistic health journey and proves that self-care doesn't have to be selfish! 

Twillow Lifestyle Community: carries products that support your spiritual and energetic healing while offering Reiki, energy healing and guidance sessions as well as workshops and information sessions to help individuals live their lives to their fullest potential.

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