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If you want to journal but never know where to start, Spark Your Inner Truth has you covered.

Not only is Spark Your Inner Truth a guided journal filled with over 150 questions, it is also made with the recommendation for you to rip, burn and destroy your more personal answers as you go.
This is so you can be completely transparent with yourself and your healing. 

Be prepared.. These aren’t just regular journaling questions. They are deep, thought-provoking, soul searching questions and challenges. You have to commit to yourself to complete as many as you can, and be honest about your answers. Sit with each question and really think about what you write. What is your answer reflecting into the question? How has your past molded the way you are answering these questions? In what ways can I improve my view on this topic? Why does this question feel so personal and what feelings does it bring up? The list of growth goes on, but you have to hold yourself accountable. You have to make a promise to yourself to answer truthfully and sincerely, from the heart. Stepping out of your head and the programming we have experienced, and deep into the pureness of our consciousness.

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