Vaughan's First Annual Holistic Healing Fair

August 27 2023

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August 27 | 10am-4pm


Venu Event Centre - Main Hall



Don't miss out Vaughan's First Ever Holistic Healing Fair.

Free Admission!

The most one of a kind Wellness Fair to happen in the GTA area! Join us and nourish your chakras, mind, body and soul for our Holistic Healing Fair!

This is a FREE ADMISSION event featuring over 50 unique vendors that focus on health and Wellness. Mediums, psychics, all natural products, card readings, different healing modalities, stones, jewelry, energy work and so much more!

A wonderful event for all ages.

Featuring All Things Wellness 

First 50 Attendees get Free Wellness Swag Bags!

Arriving early not only do you have first choice on all of the amazing readers, practitioners and vendors - the first 50 attendees get free wellness swag bags!

Take a Moment to Check Out Our Vendors.

Our Proud Event Sponsors:

The Aligned Teacher Network - I am a Human Design reader and energy healer. Your Human Design bodygraph is calculated using your birth date, time, and place, to reveal your genetic and energetic design. Human Design shows you how to access your body's consciousness as a decision-making tool, and ultimately, how to live in resonance with your authentic self. It combines ancient and current science to illuminate how impactful your energy can be.

Share Lawyers - Being denied your disability benefits can cause significant stress & financial difficulties for you & your family during an already difficult time. Share Lawyers understands your challenges: we’ve helped over 8,000 Canadians win the disability benefits they deserve. Our disability lawyers are committed, not only to winning your case, but to supporting you as you rebuild your life.

Alex Szwed Services - Hypnosis sessions for weight loss, smoking cessation, eliminating bad habits, self improvement etc.

Rose Saroyan Sharing - Unlock what holds you back * Improve ability to manage stress, anxiety and conflict * Explore your natural talents and your life purpose * Understand relationship dynamics * Identify present stressors that challenge health and success * Discover personalized positive solutions * Optimize your life! KarmicDNA provides tangible personal wisdom for better decision making and most importantly, will help you discover the reasons behind your experiences and also discover the path to remission of disease, disorder and pain from your life!

Our Vendors:

Season Rose Readings - Psychic Healer, Energy Healing products

The Gutsy Clair - Enjoy connecting with your Angel Guides, working with her healing collection of stones and minerals or having a heart to heart about any relationship in your life. She is offering 30 minute sittings to connect words, connect energy and the message in there! Get ready to sway some energy!

Healings & Readings by Christina - Quantum Touch Energy Healing and Spiritual Readings

Alchemized Healing - Biofield Tuning is a healing modality that uses the acoustic frequencies of tuning forks both diagnostically and therapeutically. Sound waves created by the forks find and release energetic distortions in the human energy field. These distortions, or blockages, can affect both our physical and mental state. This therapy has had success in helping to deal with anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, P.T.S.D., sleeping disorders, and autoimmune issues

The Beauty Of Silver - I sell artisan 925 silver jewellery, including rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets with gemstones such as amethyst, onyx, and turquoise. Unique design and reasonable prices.

Roots to Light Coaching & Training - Debbie is a Holistic Practitioner and Master Teacher of Magnified Healing. Visit our booth to experience a vibrational healing energy session and also check out the pendulums and hand made pendulum mats or sign up for

Doterra - Bring the power of nature into your home with pure, naturally sourced essential oils.

Natural Life Holistics - I create organic teas, tinctures and other herbal preparations using wildcrafted or locally sourced herbs.

Pretty Impressed - has gifts and items for the mind body and spirit. Always creating and inspired with love and best of intentions. From self care products, eclectic home decor, natural candles, jewelry to thrifty fun treasure Pretty Impressed offers something for everyone.

Life Of Love Healing - Energy healing and intuitive guidance to help individuals align with their true spiritual path

Nancy Arruda - Channeling Spirit through Tarot, Channeling Spirit through the stars (Astrology) & Readings

Oasis Reiki and Chakra Healing - Reiki and crystal healing - giving energy healing using crystals - to the public using reiki hand techniques

Conscious Galactic - We all have a Soul and it exists organically with the Source of all that is energetic in nature, this omni relationship is absolute. From our Souls perspective, we sojourn in Human form for the Light of Source/God and Gaia; enlightening our consciousness to the divinity within. It was through Astrology that I found and built a relationship with Self, Soul, Spirit Guides and the Source of all that is. It is my intentional focus to be a vessel for Source, empowering you to be in the Divine flow of your Soul which will allow you to create the life you were meant to live.

Arshimo Design - Design of fashion jewelry and hand craft works using sensual and natural stones and beads.

Heartleaf Health and Wellness - Offers health coaching services for people who want to change and improve their health so that they can feel more energetic, lose weight and establish a healthier lifestyle that can be realistically maintained for the rest of their lives.

Brampton Hypnosis - Offers education to help our clients reach various outcomes. Common outcomes are: weight loss, stopping smoking, building confidence, reducing stress, and improving sleep. All programs start with a free screening to see if you are a good candidate for hypnosis.

Essential Healing - Aims to protect and improve your health through non-invasive food/organ assessments, meal planning, aura analysis, and reiki sessions.

designbyathena - Handcrafted upscale bohemian jewelry for the empowered, self purchasing woman.

Uniquely Rising - A holistic Conscious relationship approach to one’s inner healing and growth, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually! I offer services including, Reiki, Tarot/intuitive readings, Yoga, Conscious relationships inner work(shadow/ego work, inner child work, somatic breath work and more).

Shambhala Temple of Light - We are a Mystery School promoting the use of the Violet Flame to raise vibrations. We offer Violet Flame books for sale.

Renew U Naturally - all natural, spa inspired, skincare & bodycare products. Providing the finest, purest, fresh, all natural earth & animal friendly sustainable ingredients

Lucid Sudz - A Canadian handcrafted and band poured candle and soap shop. We use all natural soy wax and glycerin soap base to create products that are safe and elevate the mind body and soul. We locally source our essential oils to bring customers a product that is packed with aromatherapy to help target certain areas such as acne, stress and anxiety, eczema, arthritis and more.

Meraki Crystal Designs - Beautifully handmade crystal bracelets and anklets for women, men and children. All individually tagged with the crystals and their healing properties.

Lightbody - Creatrix is a female focused epigenetic breakthrough process that releases deeply ingrained mindset patterns and emotions quickly, long-term, painlessly. It releases the problem and replaces it with resources and strategies from your own inner wisdom.

Girl's Art Corner - All natural bath and body products.

Turmalina Ancestral Wisdom - Jewelry made with natural stones and Mexican silver of the highest quality. All our products are cleansed in a special ceremony to recharge the energy and amplify the benefits of crystals.

Chi Wellness - I am a Reiki Master and Angel Tarot Card Reader offering services and products to inspire spiritual growth.

Authentica By Jessica - I am a Clinical & Therapeutic Herbalist and offer 1 on 1 consultations, custom herbal remedies, and spiritual inner healing work.

Nubian Divinity - Provides you clarity one reading at a time. My name is Melissa and I am a psychic advisor and the founder of Nubian Divinity. I use a variety of divination tools to help you find the answers to questions around love, your career, your interpersonal and familial relationships or any other aspects of your life you may be questioning. Intuitively, with a tarot and oracle deck, we can look at an appropriate path for you to take to leave our session feeling a sense of empowerment and renewed trust in your own inner compass.

The Holistic Shop Inc - All natural & vegan hair & body products, candles, lip balms, herbal tinctures, crystals, jewelry, pendulums, sage, incense, palo santo, ash catchers, abalone shells & dream catchers. Services include Reflexology, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Past Life Regression & Indian Head Massage.

Lightful Vibes - A sister owned shop that specializes in offering crystals, jewellery, natural stones, and other metaphysical items to help you on your spiritual journey.

Actively Nourished - Live Blood Cell Analysis (LBA) mini-session or to learn more about the Metabolic Balance® weight-loss program. View your own blood cells live on screen for a glimpse into the health of your body’s internal environment. LBA can reveal aspects of your present state of health as it relates to nutritional imbalances, immune response, liver stress, oxidative damage, toxicity, parasites, and digestion.

Pupul's Pebbles - Our endeavour is to share our passion for holistic healing with the world by curating a wide assortment of Crystals, Crystal jewelry, Handrolled incense, Handblock printed meditation robes, Handpainted journals etc.

2B Hypnosis - Hypnosis, Nutrition, Akashic Record Readings.

The Celestial Garden - Discover your intentional living via: Crystals, Intention Candles, Potted succulents with crystals Spiritual decor

The High Priestess Holistics - Our Crystal Ring Intention Candles are hand-crafted, lightly scented and infused with Magick of all sorts! We offer a wide variety of crystals, altar and "Higher Self" accessories to fit your everyday modern witchy needs.

Uniquely Pure - creates an aromatherapy line for everyday ailments and needs

Energy and Karmic Healing - I am a Reiki Master and Tarot Guide. I work intimately with the chakras of the body to help provide healing to the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Through tarot personal strengths and weaknesses are identified, and guidance provided.

Remedium - Magnesium skin care

Terra Luna Jewels - Handmade crystal jewelry & adornment.

GiveUpPain - Reading & Releases with Kasia Kaminska & Dan Brooks, Stress & Anxiety Release Specialists - We feel within you a need to know, to understand clearly what is happening, AS its happening. Enjoy a Reading & Release with us, and step closer to the Solution and the Answers you've been looking for!

Healy – Transform the energy of your home, workspace, drinking water, body, heart, and mind with MagHealy Atmosphere, Water Activation, McMakin and Classic frequency programs at the touch of a button. Experience Healy quantum frequency smart wearable tech as your personal wellness, energy, and success coach accessible 24/7 to elevate self-awareness and self-care. We will be offering complimentary Healy Resonance Analysis, Aura Analysis and Personal/Success Coaching Analysis demo sessions both in person and online by request.

Curandera - Spiritual healing practice.

Be Bold, Fierce, Unstoppable - Zak is a Galactic Elder, Master Key Holder, 12 Strain Activator, Soul Activator, Author, Speaker and Podcast Host.

The Super Patch Company/VoxxLife - Patches, socks and insoles with a neurolical pattern that help the user with their wellness naturally. FDA registered, clinical trials, drug feee and non-invasive

Neolife - Organic, Non GMO, Whole Food Supplements, Organic Skin Care, Chemical Free Home Cleaners

SpiritualFunk - based on inspirational & inspiring art pieces made from love, accompanied by handmade jewellery,art cards, oracle cards, crystals & other goodies.

Anthony Barr Sacred Sevens - Anthony Barr, facilitates Ancient Rituals, offers Sound Healing, Chakra Balancing, Spirit Animal Workshops and Healing (drumming) Ceremonies all while utilizing his Native American Ceremonial Flutes.

Inner Light Studios - we offer a holistic approach to well-being. Specializing in private yoga, reiki, guided meditation, and wellness coaching, we are dedicated to supporting your inner journey towards balance, peace, and self-discovery.

Organo - Gourmet healthy coffee and teas, mochas, shakes

Spark Your Inner Truth - A Guided Journal - A Guided Journal, that you rip, burn & destroy as you complete to unveiling your deepest inner truths.

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