Waterloo's Holistic Healing Fair

April 16 2023



APRIL 16 2023 | 10am-4pm





Don't miss out Waterloo's Holistic Healing Fair.

Free Admission!

 Join us and nourish your chakras, mind, body and soul for our annual Spring Holistic Healing Fair!

This is a FREE ADMISSION event featuring over 35 unique vendors that focus on health and Wellness. Mediums, psychics, all natural products, card readings, different healing modalities, stones, jewelry, energy work and so much more!

A wonderful event for all ages.


First 50 Attendees get Free Wellness Swag Bags!

Arriving early not only do you have first choice on all of the amazing readers, practitioners and vendors - the first 50 attendees get free wellness swag bags!

Take a Moment to Check Out Our Vendors.


Drumroll please... Our amazing vendor line up!

Our Proud Event Sponsors:

✨ Rose Saroyan - Unlock what holds you back * Improve ability to manage stress, anxiety and conflict * Explore your natural talents and your life purpose * Understand relationship dynamics * Identify present stressors that challenge health and success * Discover personalized positive solutions * Optimize your life! KarmicDNA provides tangible personal wisdom for better decision making and most importantly, will help you discover the reasons behind your experiences and also discover the path to remission of disease, disorder and pain from your life!

Our Vendors:

Spark Your Inner Truth - A Guided Journal, that you rip, burn & destroy as you complete to unveiling your deepest inner truths.

GiveUpPain - Reading & Releases with Kasia Kaminska & Dan Brooks, Stress & Anxiety Release Specialists - We feel within you a need to know, to understand clearly what is happening, AS its happening. Enjoy a Reading & Release with us, and step closer to the Solution and the Answers you've been looking for!

Voxxlife - VoxxLife combines the best of technology and wellness science to help you achieve your wellness goals, drug-free and without invasive treatments.

Embraced With Love - I am a Reiki Master with a passion to help others embody their truth. I offer various Spiritual products and services and intuitively offer guidance that may be needed most at the time. This life path is very rewarding. Thank you for this opportunity.

Pocketful Of Zing - Pocketful of Zing uses crystalline vibrations to enhance and support the whole self. With a focus on in-person & distance personalized crystal healing body layouts & chakra alignments, crystals are used extensively to assist in the release of any physical, emotional or spiritual imbalances in the body. Our custom handcrafted Reiki charged jewelry and crystal decor are an added bonus, each piece holding the special intention of our clients energetic healing needs.

Morfosoaps - Handmade natural skincare made from scratch in small batches. Passionately soap making over 10 years. We are a family owned business, we make handmade artisanal soaps, bath and body products. All our ingredients are sustainable and ethically sourced, we do not use palm oil.

SpiritualFunk - Spiritualfunk is a company based on inspirational & inspiring art pieces made from love, accompanied by handmade jewellery,art cards, oracle cards, crystals & other goodies.

Heaven on Earth Healing Centre - Rose is a natural born Spiritual Medium, her abilities to connect with spirit was at a very early age. As a medium Rose brings forth specific details such as dates, names, memories and direct messages only her clients would know. Rose is very passionate & compassionate in all that she delivers from spirit who has crossed over into the afterlife.

Sweetlegs Kitchener with Sike - Selling SweetLegs leggings and tops . Very soft and high quality in fun prints at an affordable price.

Painted Souls Stones & Crystals - Small Crystal Shop offering unique and beautiful Crystal Jewelry, carvings, towers, spheres, hand-picked with intention and loving energy. My goal is to offer a wide variety of stones and items, so there is a perfect piece for each and every customer that I meet. ❤️

The Gutsy Clair - Connect with Ginny Connon. ‘Intuitive Relationship Advice & Angel Cards’
These 30 minute holistic healing sessions combine relationship coaching, crystal energy work and inner child play. They conclude with a fun, validating Angel Card message. A certified relationship coach, intuitive-clairvoyant, and heart healer, her Gutsy Coaching is designed to help you balance, listen and trust your ‘gutsy’ inner work even more! These inspiring, present-centred sessions are always at your comfort level. Welcome to Gutsy Town!

Lavender Lane Wellness Centre - Lavender Lane Wellness Centre integrates holistic & health care to address whole health: mind, body & spirit. We have a wide variety of practitioners that are dedicated to helping you resolve the root cause of your physical, emotional, or spiritual issue.

Yolanta Meri - Yolanta Meri is a psychic medium and Reiki Master. Having spiritual experiences since a young child, Yolanta truly knows her Loved Ones in Spirit are with her and enjoys creating a space for others to grow in the trust that they too remain connected.

Healing and Readings by Christina - Quantum Touch Energy Healing and Spiritual Readings.

Beauty by Nature - Business providing for Ayurvedic hair products.

Zen Collection - We provide our customers the tools to help further their spiritual journey.

Muse Tarot - Tarot Readings/Medium

Hertz Health - Hertz Health is a holistically based business empowering clients to learn what is necessary to restore their bodies natural healing capabilities. Through Electrodermal acupuncture according to Dr. Voll (EAV assessment) and providing holistic lifestyle recommendations my clients are able to first hand learn how their bodies are energetically functioning. Through the session and based off of their results I recommend a personalized remedy based on the origin of their blocked meridians. Also included in my service is a food allergen assessment to determine what foods will best support their healing journey or support overall vitality.

Elemental Moon - The main focus is jewelry, for adornment, meditative purposes, ritual work or just to feel like the beautiful goddesses that we all are! I try to create one of a kind pieces that will hopefully resonate with the person they are meant to be with.

Venus Moon Emporium - Ritual Apothecary, Occult Bath & Beauty Products inspired by Plant Lore, Crystals and Witchcraft.

Eleos Crystals - Crystals, crystal trees, ornaments, jewelry.

My Conscious Wellness - Providing unique energy instruments to strengthen and support you and your energy field, to increase your intuition and connection to the real you

Cohesive Intentions - Soy based candles and intention jars inspire action by setting intentions. Each handcrafted tool is created with an intention and is brought to life with herbs, crystals, essential oils, and love. Guidance can also be provided with a tarot card reading to discover your path and help plant the seeds for your purpose to come to fruition.

Sandy Glaze Coach - Personal Transformation and Self-Development Coach. Helping people be the best version of themself

Arbonne International - Brooke Morden - We believe in a holistic approach to beauty, health and wellbeing, focusing on the whole person to help them flourish inside and out.

Uniquewirewrappedcrystals - one of a kind, handmade, wire wrapped crystal jewelry

2B Hypnosis - Hypnosis, Nutrition, Akashic Record Readings.

Norah's Astrology - Astrology Classes and Sessions, 45 years experience.

ItWorks! - I represent a line of vegan and organically sourced products from ItWorks! to support nutrition and weight loss goals.

Healy - Experience Healy and MagHealy, the German smart, wearable quantum frequency bioresonance mobile technology platform as your personal energy, wellness, and success coach accessible 24/7. Real-time analysis and transmission of individualized frequencies to harmonize body, mind, soul. Transform your living space and work areas with specific harmonizing frequencies using water and atmosphere as frequency carrier. We will be offering complimentary Healy Resonance Analysis, Aura Analysis and

Norwex - Norwex is a line of cleaning and personal care products that improve your quality of life by helping radically reduce chemicals in your home.

Sacred Sevens - Anthony Barr Sacred Sevens facilitates Ancient Rituals, offers Sound Healing, Chakra Balancing, Spirit Animal Workshops and Healing (drumming) Ceremonies all while utilizing his Native American Ceremonial Flutes.

Your Soul's Content - Spiritual Atlantean Healer using Source/God's energy, Crystals, Light Language, Ancestral Healing, Akashic records, Intuitive counselling for spiritual and sometimes physical healing for you, your children, your loving pets. Will it be the car wash, the Oil change, or the Overhaul?

Apothecary Bois - Apothecary Bois makes small-batch wildcrafted artisanal soaps, skin, beard and hair care, scents, bath, and home products inspired by Canada's wild spaces. All goods are handmade with love using reusable and recyclable packaging, and 100% sustainable foraging practices. Trans and queer owned.

NeoLife - Eyes For Health Iridology - Iridology Analysis for Humans, Dogs and Cats with suggestions for improving health with NeoLife whole food supplements, herbal products, non-toxic cleaners and organic skin care

Swaahaa - Namaste ! My Name is and I am a certified Ayurvedic Head Massage Practitioner. Ayurvedic Head Massage is an Ancient therapeutic treatment that has been practiced in my home country 'India' for 5000 +years. Unlike deep tissue massage this is a very gentle and relaxed massage focussing on the pressure points of your back, Shoulder blades, Upper Arms, Neck ,Head and Face.Usually it's a 45min long massage, to experience a glimpse of this massage I will be offering mini sessions on a chair at this event.

Flounder to Flourish - Flounder to Flourish is a mental health and wellness service and product-based business, providing EFT tapping services for emotional wellness, and products such as books, handmade crystal-infused candles, luxurious hand-made bath tea, floral sage bundles, inspirational mugs, and more.

Lightbody - Creatrix is a female focused epigenetic breakthrough process that releases deeply ingrained mindset patterns and emotions quickly, long-term, painlessly. It releases the problem and replaces it with resources and strategies from your own inner wisdom.

Lesa's Creations and Inspirations - Handcrafted gemstone artisan jewellery, wearable healing crystals and gifts.

Nancy Darlene Intuitive Artist - Spirit and Creator Guided art.

Clay by Kails - Unique, One-of-a-Kind, Lightweight Handmade Clay Jewelry

Chakra Gems - I offer gemstone and herbal based products to help promote health healing and wellness

Shiloh House - Free readings and healing.

Valixya - Positive Intention bottles, Car charms, Altar boxes, Tarot boxes, gem stones and so much more.

Thermography Clinic Kitchener - Thermography evaluates the formation of abnormal blood vessels that support inflammation and various pathological conditions, long before abnormalities can be detected by other diagnostics. Thermography offers a non-invasive, radiation free way to measure areas of suspected inflammation or infection in the breast and body. We collaborate with a network of practitioners to help clients achieve maximum wellness.

Hedge Tarot - Jessica is a third-generation intuitive who has been reading tarot for more than ten years. Using a deck which specifically utilizes imagery of local flora and fauna, her short three- and five-card readings are resonating, accessible and healing.

Uniquely Pure - Uniquely Pure creates an aromatherapy line for everyday ailments and needs

Mindful You - Natural, eco-friendly and handcrafted wellness tools designed to empower you to tune in, take care and be your best self through holistic wellness.

Alchemized Healing - Biofield Tuning is a healing modality that uses the acoustic frequencies of tuning forks both diagnostically and therapeutically. Sound waves created by the forks find and release energetic distortions in the human energy field. These distortions, or blockages, can affect both our physical and mental state. This therapy has had success in helping to deal with anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, P.T.S.D., sleeping disorders, and autoimmune issues.

Oasis of Healing Salt Spa - Oasis of Healing Salt Spa is a safe place to heal the lower 3 chakras and any physical or emotional pain holding you back in your business or starting one. We have single sessions or coaching programs to expand your business and soul alignment.
What are you here on earth for?!

Meraki Crystal Designs - Rose is an intuitive reader using a variation of gypsy and tarot cards to guide you along future possibilities and your questions on love, family and work. Also available for sale is a beautiful variety of crystals and gems of all shapes and sizes, crystal jewelry, logs and other fantastic witchy items to add to your collection.

JB Osteopathy ltd. - JB Osteopathy ltd. is a family friendly Osteopathy practice located in the Victoria Park area of Kitchener. The owner, Jillian, works with patients of all ages to restore the body's mechanics, nerve impulses and circulation in order to nourish all tissues of the body for optimal health.

Canadian Candle Crafts - We sell luxury crystal candles, candles, wax melts and car diffusers. 100% soy, vegan and gorgeous smelling, our candles will lift your soul.

Odin's Arkana - I do rune reading to answer questions or give guidance.

The Balanced Betch - I am a certified Reiki Practitioner and Full Spectrum Doula.I combine intuitive & healing practices with sexual & reproductive health to help women heal their traumas & blocks, connect to their essence, and transform with love.

Essence & Elegance - My name is Cindy and I am a unique handcrafted jewelry designer and GelMoment stylist.
You will find posts showcasing my new jewelry designs, as well as posts introducing you to a fabulous new "at home, salon quality" gel polish. GelMoment is a Canadian company and their products are toxin-free!

Riverbend Mandalas - Riverbend Mandalas is woman owned and operated family business.
We sell hand painted mandalas, hand made crystal trees and orgonite pyramids. Mindful gifts made with love.

Conscious Art Creation - Michelle Prosek is a certified sound healer, crystal healer, and aerial yoga instructor. Her sound journeys and healing jewellery are created with the use of cymatics - the effect of sound waves on matter, and cymatic therapy works with sound having similar effects on the body. Sound can truly be used a means to restructure, heal, and repair, giving it unlimited potential as a tool for healing. Michelle charges every piece of her jewellery with frequencies aligned with the chakras so they can be used to aid in meditation and for wearing as a resonant guide. Sound always has been, and will be, the medicine of the future.

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