Ontario Wide Holistic Healing Fair™

The Holistic Healing Fair™ was born to share kindness, spark self awareness, build community and connect like-minded souls as we all continue our journeys. The Holistic Healing Fair™ has a mission to educate and inspire our local community to grow more conscious of their daily habits, for a better common future. Together we will share the importance of self-care, self-love and all of the amazing services that are available. 75+ Holistic Healing Fair™ tradeshows across Ontario since 2016 and counting!

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Spark Your Inner Truth – A Guided Journal
Built To Rip, Burn & Release As You Go

Created by the founder of the Holistic Healing Fairs™ during the Pandemic Pause


- 150+ Journal Prompts & Challenges
- Built to Rip, Burn or Destroy As You Go
- Mandala Coloring Pages
- Gratitude Pages
- Manifestation Techniques
- Extra Spots For Your Thoughts
- Bad Day Pages
- Inner Child Work & Visualization Technique
- Letters You Write... To Help Let Go
- Flexible Softcover Journal


- Guided Self Reflection
- Understanding the Power of Perspectives
- Positive Mindset = Positive Shift
- Realizing You Have the Tools & Power To Change
- Improve Your Gratitude
- Discover What Makes You Happy
- Uncover Your Future Goals
- Help Understand Your Emotions
- Release What is Holding You Back
- Increased Self Awareness

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Allow me to be your reset button
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REIKI is energy that flows through all living things and provides Balance , Wellbeing and Freedom from disease.
Allow your energies to reset

Reiki is Energy Healing that promotes deep relaxation and fast acting cell-repair and rejuvenation. Reiki is an Ancient Healing Technique that turns on the body’s natural ‘self-repair mechanism’ enabling your mind-body-soul to heal faster and stronger. Reiki is not a massage, it works at a deep energy level of release, there is no manipulation of the muscles. Reiki is extremely safe, and it is important to remember that Reiki is a complementary therapy and not an alternative. Reiki works on all levels: physical , mental emotional and spiritual. To name but a few of the benefits : Eases aches and pain , improves sleep and mood , relaxes body and mind, calms the central nervous system.

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416 527 3331
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Vaughan -Ontario
Butterfly shaped celestine
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Crystals, Yoga, and Inner Harmony

"L Voyage Rocks" - a crystal healing shop founded by L., a passionate yogi and spiritual enthusiast. Inspired by the transformative power of yoga and the mesmerizing allure of crystals, my journey led me to embrace my artistic talent and share my love for these extraordinary gems with the world without the word 'magic' or 'yoga'

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Maria Gonçalves Psychic Medium

Maria is a Professional Evidential Psychic Medium, she offers Mediumship readings, Tarot readings, Spiritual Assessments, and Coaching sessions. She loves to teach Mediumship Development Circles that she offers weekly and watch her students grow their gifts! She also teachers Intuitive Tarot Certification course and gets her students to embrace the intuitive psychic within them! She is the author of The Complete Intuitive Tarot Journal now available in 3 languages on amazon. English, Portuguese and Spanish.
She just started her new podcast- Maria Gonçalves - Mediumship, Intuition, Tarot

Nancy Arruda
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Nancy Arruda, Channeling Spirit

Channeling Through Tarot Readings, Channeling the Stars (Astrology) Readings & Channeled Meditation Journey's Into Wholeness.

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P.O Box 584, Port McNicoll, ON
L0K 1R0
Bear: Do you need encouragement? Are you in the midst of huge change? Symbolizes: Strength and confidence; Time of healing/rest (through the bear); Transformation and rebirth (through the butterfly); Earthy colours for grounding; More stability; Purpose connects to spirit/angels and guides; Many to assist you through this time.
Intuitive Art

I create art intuitively from my heart. It appears abstract at first glance, however as you look closer imagers will pop out at you....you may find or see animals, people, faces, angels, wings and many other symbolic images. I also infuse crystals and other found objects in my work as I feel guided. I provide interpretive short messages with each piece. Come and see what is calling you and what brings you personal enjoyment and healing.

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106 Huron
N0J 1J0
Oasis Reiki and Chakra Healing
Transform- Recharge and Awaken your soul with Reiki and Crystals

Reiki is an alternative form of medicine called energy healing. I use a natural form of therapy "crystals" to enhance the healing process. Gentle touching is used to guide the energy where it’s needed, I work with the chakras to remove stagnant energy and clear blockages. I use sound healing and a copper pyramid to attract a positive flow of energy to aid in the healing process. Chakra balancing assessments are performed by using a pendulum to detect over active or under active energies within the main 7 chakras.
- I formulate and design crystal grids in a specific arrangement (using sacred geometry) of gemstones to amplify energy for a set intention. The intention becomes more powerful which allows for easier manifestation to happen. Grids are designed to manifest your desires, protection, spiritual upliftment and transformation. In person crystal consultations and recommendation. I offer distance healing for your pets and yourself by being in the comfort of your home.
House Blessings and Clearing - Use of reiki, crystals and special herbs I can rid your home of negative energy and bring in positive energy to restore balance and peace.

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983 Dovercourt road
Floor #2
Toronto ON
M6H 2X6
Quantum Stars
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Illuminate your life!

Heal and Repair your DNA| Stimulate Stem Cell Growth| Lengthen your Telomeres | Increase Collagen Production

Give your body the nutrition it needs to improve or eliminate 800+ Deviations from normal & 50 Genetic Disorders

Lara Bokovay and Melody Johnson are quantum healers that work with Frequency Healing products by Ascend Sciences™ - featuring LuminAloe™, (A Proprietary Isolated and Extracted Acetylated Mannose Organic Aloe Powder + 14 Flagship Ingredients for Cellular Reconstruction) a frequency activated nutrition and introducing the Curie™, a frequency healing device. Our Frequency-Activated HerbaCeuticals™ and BioWave™ technology jointly promote wellness at the cellular, molecular, atomic, and subatomic levels.

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Ottawa, Ontario
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Guiding you to Wholeness

Quantum Intuitive Readings | Quantum Intuitive Healing Coaching | Couples Readings | Couples Coaching |Entrepreneurial Business Coaching | DNA Healing | Shadow Work

You are someone who is:
• Looking for guidance, motivation and clarity
• Awakened and seeking a deeper understanding of your self

If this is you, then please join us for a quantum reading or coaching session.

Quantum Healers, Lara Bokovay and Melody Johnson guide you through the process of healing and self discovery. They help you embrace, process and release emotions and fears that keep you stuck in patterns, as well as limiting beliefs. They share with you specific, accurate messages in their readings and in your quantum coaching session they will provide you with exercises and guidance to help you heal and move forward.

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Ottawa, Ontario