Quantum Stars
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Illuminate your life!

Heal and Repair your DNA| Stimulate Stem Cell Growth| Lengthen your Telomeres | Increase Collagen Production

Give your body the nutrition it needs to improve or eliminate 800+ Deviations from normal & 50 Genetic Disorders

Lara Bokovay and Melody Johnson are quantum healers that work with Frequency Healing products by Ascend Sciences™ - featuring LuminAloe™, (A Proprietary Isolated and Extracted Acetylated Mannose Organic Aloe Powder + 14 Flagship Ingredients for Cellular Reconstruction) a frequency activated nutrition and introducing the Curie™, a frequency healing device. Our Frequency-Activated HerbaCeuticals™ and BioWave™ technology jointly promote wellness at the cellular, molecular, atomic, and subatomic levels.

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Ottawa, Ontario