Apr 14 2024


10:00 am – 4:00 pm


4500 Fairgrounds Road, Severn, ON, Canada

Discover alternative therapies, wellness practices, and mindful living. This free entry, vendor style event is a warm and nurturing space for self-discovery and growth. Illuminate your path to a conscious and self-nurturing life.

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Holistipedia is your source for everything wellness which is based on the 8 dimensions of wellness: physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, financial, and occupational. It is a wellness resource community hub that is a two-fold membership: for wellness businesses to be found and for those searching for them via our directory and events.  

Rose Saroyan
Rose Saroyan

Unlock what holds you back * Improve ability to manage stress, anxiety & conflict * Explore your natural talents & Your Life Purpose * Understand  relationship dynamics * Identify present stressors that challenge health and success * Discover personalized positive solutions * Optimize Your Life! KarmicDNA provides tangible personal wisdom for better decision making and most importantly, will help you discover the reasons behind your experiences and also discover the path to remission of disease, disorder, and pain from your life!


  • GiveUpPain
    Trauma Relief Specialists

    Reading & Releases with Kasia Kaminska & Dan Brooks, Stress & Anxiety Release Specialists – We feel within you a need to know, to understand clearly what is happening, AS its happening. Enjoy a Reading & Release with us, and step closer to the Solution and the Answers you’ve been looking for!

  • Healing and Readings by Christina
    Healing and Readings by Christina
    Quantum Touch Energy Healing

    Quantum Touch Energy Healing and Spiritual Readings

  • Eleos Crystals
    Eleos Crystals
    Healing Crystals

    Healing Crystals, Crystal jewelry

  • Vibrant Balance
    Vibrant Balance
    Healy World Independent Distributor

    Harmonize the biofield of your beloved animals, plants, kitchen pantry, drinking water, home, workspace, gym, body, heart, and mind with positive pulse electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF) via MagHealy’s Classic, Atmosphere, Water Activation and McMakin frequency programs at the touch of a button. Experience Healy quantum frequency smart wearable tech to elevate self-awareness and self-care. Embrace Healy as your personal wellness, energy, and success coach accessible 24/7, offering both local and remote support. We will be offering complimentary Healy Resonance Analysis, Aura Analysis, and Personal/Success Coaching Analysis demo sessions both in person and online by request.

  • Fox and Moon
    Fox and Moon
    Handmade Bath Body Products & More

    Magically handmade bath, body, candles and manifestation kits.

  • Neumi With Ruth
    Neumi With Ruth
    Glutathione Products

    The master antioxidant you have never heard of.
    Nano sized hydrostat delivery so cell absorb it

  • Luna Ivy Creations
    Luna Ivy Creations
    Spiritual Witchy Items & More

    Crystals, jewelry and handmade spiritual/witchy items.

  • Jai Crystal Jewels
    Jai Crystal Jewels
    Unique Jewelry, Accessories & Home Decor

    Jai (they/them) discovered crystals as part of their personal healing journey. They started creating wire-wrapped crystal pendants for family & friends & totally found their zen place. Their passion for bling has expanded to making other types of jewelry, accessories and home decor. Jai Crystal Jewels is now well-known for stunning & unique headpieces and suncatchers.
    Every piece is created with self love, joy and serenity.

  • Husky Light
    Husky Light
    Psychic Medium

    I am a Psychic Medium who also uses the Tarot, with over 13yrs experience, I will help you with your past, present and future, bring through angel messages and connect with passed loved ones on the other side and also help and advise on any ascention questions you may have.

  • Enchantments by Luiza
    Enchantments by Luiza
    Purveyor of unique and many one of a kind items

    Luiza, is a purveyor of unique and many one of a kind items. She is also a professional tarot and tea leaf reader. With many years of experience, she has clients all around the globe.

  • Pupul’s Pebbles
    Pupul’s Pebbles
    Crystals, Jewelry, Handrolled incense & More

    Pupul’s Pebbles is first an offering and then a business led by Pupul & Rohan, an Indo-Canadian couple. Our crystals are selected with intention and integrity, each & every piece is natural & ethically sourced. We offer Crystals, Crystal Jewelry , Handrolled incense and other metaphysical tools with high vibrational energy that lifts you up and holds you tight. We hope these beautiful stones and crystals lend you their strength, support and guidance as you move through the stages of your life.

  • Zen Collection
    Zen Collection
    Crystals & Spiritual Tools

    Zen Collection will help you find your spiritual path by providing you with valuable guidance and knowledge. Through the use of crystals and other spiritual tools, we can help you select the most suitable products which will align with your intentions and expand your desired skills.

  • The High Priestess Holistics
    The High Priestess Holistics
    Crystal Ring Intention Candles & Metaphysical Items

    Our Crystal Ring Intention Candles are hand-crafted, lightly scented and infused with all sorts of Magick! We offer a wide variety of crystals, witch and altar accessories, bone art, and other metaphysical items for all of your modern witchy and spiritual journey needs!

  • The Reiki Witch
    The Reiki Witch
    Psychic Readings & Simmer Pot Creations

    I’m the Reiki Witch! I provide “What are your witch’s abilities?” Psychic readings. I also make and sell simmer pots, spells, diy spell kit’s, and provide a make your own simmer pot station.

  • Burnside Hat Co.
    Burnside Hat Co.
    Custom Hand Burnt Hats & Accessories

    Custom hand burnt hats & accessories. Wide variety of styles and designs

  • Life Force Nutrition
    Life Force Nutrition
    CBD Products

    Life Force Nutrition is a multi-faceted business with a focus on clean, toxic free products for you body, mind and soul. Natasha is committed to holistic health and provides an array of CBD products for pain management, sleep suport and stress and anxiety reduction. Additionally she offers holistic nutritional services through her practice.

  • Heaven on Earth Healing Centre
    Heaven on Earth Healing Centre
    Mediumship & Tarot Readings

    Mediumship & Tarot Readings

  • Learned to Love Myself
    Learned to Love Myself
    Readings, Workshops, Colouring Books & More

    Activist & philanthropist raising awareness & funds for mental & spiritual wellness through readings, mentoring, speaking, wellness workshops. Author & artist of mindfulness colouring books, cards mugs, mousepads, pencils, & prints.

  • Valixya
    Metaphysical Emporium

    We are a mother daughter business that just opened a metaphysical emporium in Sudbury. We have lots of things to offer to those just starting out their spiritual journey and those that are experienced.

  • A Drop of Wellness
    A Drop of Wellness
    Young Living

    I am a certified Raindrop Technique Specialist. Raindrop Therapy uses a sequence of nine essential oils that have been clinically tested to have antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. These essential oils are massaged into the bottoms of the feet then later dropped gently on the spine and lightly massaged in using various techniques.

  • The Scented Bohemian
    The Scented Bohemian
    Botanical Skin Care

    the scented bohemian is a premium, small batch skin care line free from synthetic and artificial ingredients. We’re on a mission to help choosy people with sensitive and/or aging skin get their glow back and keep it.

  • Silver N Such
    Silver N Such

    We have been handcrafting jewellery from our studio in Windsor for over 25 years. Stones are encased in sterling silver making unique, affordable, one of a kind jewellery pieces.


    We provide and teach both eastern and western styles of massage therapy including Traditional Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Swedish and Chi Nei Tsang.

  • SA Coaching and Healing
    SA Coaching and Healing
    Reiki, Relationship and Intimacy Coach

    Shelby is a Reiki Healer as well as a Relationship and Intimacy Coach. Through spirit and science she will help you heal your negative relationship patterns and feel free and safe in your sexuality.

  • ECKANKAR Ontario
    ECKANKAR Ontario

    Free give away books and CDs on spiritual topics.

  • Your Wellness Your Way
    Your Wellness Your Way
    Sound Therapy

    Welcome to a harmonious space that blends ancient wisdom with the modern science of sound, vibration, and frequencies. Therapeutic sound created by the human voice, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and traditional sound-work instruments calms the nervous system and nourishes the immune system. Awaken your body’s natural healing ability and nourish your whole being – body, mind and spirit with Sound Therapy at Your Wellness Your Way.

  • Cathy O ~ Spirit Communicator
    Cathy O ~ Spirit Communicator
    Spirit Communicator

    I will be doing mediumship readings, angel card readings as well as selling my handmade items

  • Purple Lotus
    Purple Lotus
    Handmade Jewelry Items

    At purple lotus we design from a place of co-creation, collaboration and connection. inspired by people, places and nature’s elements, near and far.
    each piece is handmade using a selection of semi-precious gemstones, wood, metals and ethnic materials – chosen based on both their beauty as well as their healing properties and intentions. From these elements an organic and earthy collection is created. Find us gathered among friends, old and new, creating together at one of our workshops to celebrate community, the power of intention and the therapeutic benefits of creativity.

  • Deasigns120

    Intuitive Tarot Card Reader

  • Sacred-Sevens
    Energetic & Magical Sound Healing

    Flutes, CD’s

  • Horses are Magic
    Horses are Magic
    Horse Guided Program

    Horses are Magic is a horse guided wellness program. The horse is the therapist and leads the experience using their energy, intuition, and thousands of years of wisdom. Human facilitators are skilled at fostering connections between the horse and the person. The effect for the client can be quite profound and can move a person from a place of stagnation to a positive forward motion with unlimited possibilities for their life.

  • Wellness By Lily
    Wellness By Lily
    All-Natural products

    Wellness by Lily showcases All-Natural products for the Body, Mind & Soul for Adults, Teens, and Children as well as for your beloved pets.

  • Souvenirs Of Tibet
    Souvenirs Of Tibet
    Tibetan Jewelry, Fair Trade, Meditation

    Souvenirs Of Tibet is a humble organization that caters handmade products and fair trade goods, consisting of yoga apparel, meditation items,
    fine Tibetan jewelry etc.