Apr 07 2024


10:00 am – 4:00 pm


The Water Tower Inn, BW Premier Collection
360 Great Northern Rd, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6B 4Z7, Canada

Discover alternative therapies, wellness practices, and mindful living. This free entry, vendor style event is a warm and nurturing space for self-discovery and growth. Illuminate your path to a conscious and self-nurturing life.

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  • Spark Your Inner Truth - Guided Journal
    Spark Your Inner Truth – Guided Journal
    Guided Journal

    When was the last time you had a true, pure, conversation with yourself about what has created the person that you are today? Spark Your Inner Truth is a Guided Journal filled with 150+ thought provoking questions and challenges that focus on self exploration, gratitude, manifestation, inner child work and more. It is built to be written in and then destroyed. You can rip, burn and release as you go!

  • The High Priestess Holistics
    The High Priestess Holistics
    Crystal Ring Intention Candles & Metaphysical Items

    Our Crystal Ring Intention Candles are hand-crafted, lightly scented and infused with all sorts of Magick! We offer a wide variety of crystals, witch and altar accessories, bone art, and other metaphysical items for all of your modern witchy and spiritual journey needs!

  • Neumi With Ruth
    Neumi With Ruth
    Glutathione Products

    The master antioxidant you have never heard of.
    Nano sized hydrostat delivery so cell absorb it

  • Zen Collection
    Zen Collection
    Crystals & Spiritual Tools

    Zen Collection will help you find your spiritual path by providing you with valuable guidance and knowledge. Through the use of crystals and other spiritual tools, we can help you select the most suitable products which will align with your intentions and expand your desired skills.

  • Lesa's Creations
    Lesa's Creations
    Handcrafted Artisan Jewellery

    Handcrafted Artisan jewellery and gift maker specializing in unique, wearable crystal/gemstone jewellery, wirework and beaded pieces. We pride ourselves on having something for everyone and welcome custom orders.

  • Flounder to Flourish Co
    Flounder to Flourish Co

    Mental Health and wellness products that help uplift, guide and support.

  • Stellar Living Inc.
    Stellar Living Inc.
    Spiritual Retreats

    Air B+B and Women’s Christian Spiritual Retreats with fully furnished beachfront cabins nestled along beautiful Lake Superior, 80 minutes north of Sault Ste. Mare at Agawa Bay. Amenities include the sauna, cold water plunging, nature bathing, hot rock therapy, life coaching, counseling, meditation, and prayer. Groomed nature trails, hiking, biking, canoes, kyack and more

  • Valixya
    Metaphysical Emporium

    We are a mother daughter business that just opened a metaphysical emporium in Sudbury. We have lots of things to offer to those just starting out their spiritual journey and those that are experienced.

  • Potential & Possibilities Holistic Occupational Therapy
    Potential & Possibilities Holistic Occupational Therapy
    Occupational Therapy

    Potential and Possibilities Holistic Occupational Therapy provides treatment and solutions to help you live your best life through finding the root causes of your concerns. A variety of treatment approaches are provided to help you alleviate symptoms related to chronic pain, anxiety, headaches/concussions, problems with sleep, injuries and the effects of trauma. Let’s work together to help you to live your Best Life!!

  • The Laughing Forest
    The Laughing Forest
    Holistic Spa, Retreats, Workshops

    Focused on providing people with nature-based wellness-centric experiences that promote and support holistic living. Also offering a holistic spa, retreats, workshops, private holistic stay.

  • A Better Path
    A Better Path

    Discover the secrets to a healthier gut, paving the way for improved overall well-being. Explore natural products that can transform your gut health and elevate your life. Let’s chat!

  • Girls Art Corner
    Girls Art Corner
    Handmade Bath and Body, Resin Creations

    Natural bath and body products
    Some hand crafted resin jewerlery

  • Green Rose Spirituality
    Green Rose Spirituality
    Intuitive Psychic

    I am a local intuitive psychic chanel, as well as an intuitive artist.

  • Epicure With Heather
    Epicure With Heather
    Meal Solutions

    Healthy spices and quality cookware

  • Fern and Arrow co.
    Fern and Arrow co.
    Handmade Clay Jewelry

    Fern and Arrow co. offers handmade polymer clay earrings and accessories for all ages. Jewelry is lightweight and hypoallergenic.

  • Finnia Chocolate and Cacao
    Finnia Chocolate and Cacao
    All-natural Chocolate

    All-natural, fine chocolate made from bean-to-bar on Manitoulin Island.

  • Godbert Holistic
    Godbert Holistic
    Frequency Healing, Chromotherapy, Acoustic Resonance Therapy, Mediations

    Holistic approach to living offering alternatives for a healthy life with all natural products. Custom essential oil blends, genuine crystal and lava bead bracelets and all natural fibre (linen and flax) clothing. Frequency healing using infrared, chromotherapy and acoustic resonance therapy. Guided meditation and trauma release.

  • Canela Bath & Body
    Canela Bath & Body
    Bath and Body

    Handcrafted luxury personal care that will not break the bank. A heavy emphasis to offer quality products and a curated selection of fragrance free and plant based beauty whenever possible.

  • Connecting The Dots Holistic Healing and Coaching
    Connecting The Dots Holistic Healing and Coaching

    Our services are for people of all ages: to provide the opportunity to begin healing their minds and bodies, and to reduce the symptoms of physical, spiritual and mental/emotional pain.

  • WFG

    We provide financial education to families in our community. Our goal is to have you in charge of your own personal finances.

  • Simply Beadz with Lake Superior Rocks
    Simply Beadz with Lake Superior Rocks
    Unique Rock, Gem and Glass Jewelry

    Two companies who have created many Lines of Jewelry with rocks, beach glass , glass and beaded gemstones.
    We have created a line of Love Where We Live together but still are unique on our own. Come out and see what we have to offer

  • Live Blood With Ruth
    Live Blood With Ruth
    Live Blood Analysis

    Blood transports oxygen and nutrients throughout the entire body to maintain health. Looking at the blood is a great way of seeing live what is happening inside our bodies and an incentive to make dietary and lifestyle changes. ​Book your appointment today to see what is in your blood.

  • Paula Valois- Young Living Essential Oils Brand Partner 1397899
    Paula Valois- Young Living Essential Oils Brand Partner 1397899
    Young Living

    Essential oils are nature’s living energy and they can support us in mind, body and spirit. Young Living is the World Leader in essential oils, with almost 30 years of research, commitment to quality, and ethical practices to ensure we have access to the very highest quality essential oils and other natural products.

  • Sacred-Sevens
    Energetic & Magical Sound Healing

    Flutes, CD’s

  • Aizeneia
    Bath and Body

    Bath, body, and soul with a touch of magic.