1. The exhibitor understands that a Holistic Healing Fair booth is not reserved or confirmed until FULL PAYMENT has been received.
  2. Payments are received on a first come first serve basis, and in the event that a Holistic Healing Fair becomes waitlisted but a payment is received after – a full issue will be refunded to that applicant.
  3. The exhibitor understands the dates and times of the event, and set up times are located in this application and within the approval email sent after the application is approved. The exhibitor understands that they will always have this information when searching emails for “HOLISTIC HEALING FAIR”. The exhibitor understand that emails sent pertaining to this information already provided, may not be responded to.
  4. The exhibitor understands that they will receive an email the week of the event, pertaining to all load in information and smaller event details.
  5. The exhibitor understands that liability insurance is recommended, and no such coverage is implied or provided by the Sponsors, Vanessa Wilson or the host location of the Holistic Healing Fairs
  6. The exhibitor understands that absolutely NO open flame items are allowed. No candles burning, incents, etc.
  7. The exhibitor understands that we are a scent FREE environment and will allow diffusers to run with water only. No essential oils, or melting of waxes prohibited due to scent sensitivities of attendees and other vendors.
  8. The exhibitor understands that no music is allowed to be played at the booth, unless previously approved from the application and is mindfully used – not negatively effecting the neighboring booths and businesses.
  9. The exhibitor understands that participating in the event advertising aids in an events success, and failure to do so can effect the selection of ever returning as a vendor at a Holistic Healing Fair.
  10. The exhibitor understands that under no circumstances should there be negative discussions regarding the event, the coordinator Vanessa Wilson of Awakening Energy Events, customers that attend or other businesses/vendors. Under no circumstances will bullying, discrimination, racism or abuses of any kind be tolerated. Should a problem or concern arise, Vanessa Wilson of Awakening Energy Events is to be contacted immediately.
  11. The exhibitor understands that under no circumstances are negative or competitive comments allowed at the Holistic Healing Fair. We have a community mindset, and competitive comments towards other vendors will not be tolerated.
  12. The exhibitor understands that at the organizer’s discretion, discounts/table giveaways may be offered leading up to the event. This does not entitle vendors that have already signed up to receive such a discount.
  13. The exhibitor understands clearly with no questions that under no circumstances false medical claims are to be made at a Holistic Healing Fair. If a false medical claim or any medical advice is overheard it will result in immediate removal with no refund.
  14. The exhibitor understands that Vanessa Wilson of Awakening Energy Events, coordinator of the Holistic Healing Fairs will never guarantee or imply sales or attendance. Please see F.A.Q below for more information.
  15. The exhibitor understands the payment is non refundable. If circumstances, including but not limited to COVID restrictions changing, cause an event to be postponed, any money paid will be turned into a credit to be used at a later date. The Holistic Healing Fairs are an all inclusive event, and pending there are requirements such as mandates and passports, the events would be immediately postponed to ensure all vendors and attendees part take in what we offer. Discrimination and segregation does not align with our core values.


  1. The exhibitor understands there is no early take down prior to the advertised Fair time of 4:00pm. Early take down results in being banned from future Fairs, regardless of future payments. If banned with future payments, there would be no refunds. In the event of an emergency, please notify Vanessa.
  2. The exhibitor understands that doors open at 10:00 am and all vendors must be completely set up by 9:50 am at the absolute latest. If you run late, you are to notify Vanessa Wilson of Awakening Energy Events or your empty table will be removed at 9:50 am and you will not be able to participate or set up. There will be no refund issued.
  3. The exhibitor understands each space is provided with one table and two chairs. All vendors are responsible for their property and booths must be manned at all times.
  4. The exhibitor understands that when applying and noting specific brands of items within their application that they are not to carry other brands without approval to ensure there is no duplication – specifically MLM focused but all are considered. If a second brand is brought without approval, and a duplicate of another vendor at the Holistic Healing Fair, the duplicate brand that was not approved will be asked to be removed.
  5. The exhibitor understands that all application requests are considered but never guaranteed. Example REQUESTS: Having a second table to create an L Shape, Readers Table, Clothing Racks, a U shape, etc.
  6. The exhibitor understand that Vanessa Wilson of Awakening Energy Events will attempt to allocate each vendor mindfully upon their requests, but with space restraints may not be able to accommodate. The exhibitor understands that they are responsible for utilizing the space provided to the best of their abilities if their requests have not been available.
  7. The exhibitor understands that there is no set booth measurement for the space provided, the exhibitor will have ONE 6 or 8 foot table and TWO chairs. Space sizes vary per city and venue. More chairs are available upon request when arriving to the venue for set up. Vendors are encouraged to come prepared to work within any space they are given, and to be mindful/respectful of their neighbors.
  8. The exhibitor understands that Holistic Healing Fair booth spaces usually include a few feet beside each table, and behind. Upon reviewing requests, the exhibitor may be placed in a space that allows accommodations.
  9. The exhibitor understands that they are to be mindful of their neighboring booths during set up, communicating clearly and kindly if situations arise. Exhibitors are not to negatively infringe on neighboring booths.
  10. The exhibitor understands that they must contact Vanessa Wilson of Awakening Energy Events immediately should a concern arise during set up and together there will be a problem solving decision or booth move made.
  11. The exhibitor understands that only one vendor/business is allowed per table unless it is noted and approved within the original application.
  12. The exhibitor understands that no subletting is allowed, unless previously noted within the application and approved. If this circumstance arises without approval, the items and vendor will be removed from the event without refund.
  13. The exhibitor understands that they may provide their own table, but the fee remains the same.
  14. The exhibitor understands that no tacks, staples or things of that nature are to allowed be used on the venue walls. If there is damage done by the exhibitor, the exhibitor will be responsible for all fees charged.
  15. The exhibitor understand that the designated space must be left clean and tidy when the event is completed.
  16. Vendor/Exhibitor understands that it is mandatory that all goods provided have been produced and all services performed are in compliance with applicable federal, provincial and local laws, ordinances, codes, rules, regulations or standards, including without limitation, those pertaining to the manufacture, labeling, invoicing and sale of such goods or services, environmental protection, immigration, employment and occupational health and safety.
  17. The exhibitor understands that Vanessa Wilson, the host location of the Holistic Healing Fairs and the Event Sponsors will not be held liable or responsible for any losses, injuries or damage during the event hours, set up and take down times.
  18. The exhibitor understands that after set up, to move their vehicle away from the front doors to allow attendees to park closer to the venue.


  1. The exhibitor understands that it is mandatory that any food or drink served requires Health Unit Approval. Failure to provide Health Unit Approval will result in all items to be served, removed the day of the event. If you make handmade soaps, creams or anything of that nature it is the exhibitors responsibility to have everything labelled correctly.
  2. The exhibitor understands that Public Health may require Vanessa Wilson of Awakening Energy Events to submit personal details (Name, address, phone number, business) regarding any business serving food or drink samples/items. The exhibitor understands that they are fully responsible to ensure health, food and safety steps are followed at all times when serving any food/ingestible item at a Holistic Healing Fair and that they have taken the proper steps to be approved by Public Health. Failing to provide the certificate upon request could result in a fine from Public Health against the exhibitors business.

Please familiarize yourself with the following government outline regarding : False or misleading representations – Competition Bureau Canada


The Holistic Healing Fair’s will never guarantee or imply sales. What we can promise you is a specific target market attending to learn about HOLISTIC & WELLNESS businesses. It is important to make a promise to your business, to consciously make every single contact count. Every single attendee has a specific interest and focus by choosing to attend our event. The Holistic Healing Fair’s are most importantly education focused, to help attendees on their journeys of finding their way, and sharing why and how your business/products can help them on their way.

The Holistic Healing Fairs are ALWAYS a free admission event, and we are now using eventbrite for tracking purposes only. This is to monitor and strategically choose which paid social media and digital ad, radio, marketing styles we will continue to use so we can follow what will be the most beneficial for each event, per Ontario city/specific demographic.

For each Holistic Fair, we do paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, network on each cities social media pages/groups, run like/share/tag draws in each event page, media releases to all news stations, depending on the market there will be radio ads, paid digital ads, etc.

We do our best to advertise the events for a positive, overflowing attendance which is of course our ultimate goal. However, with many moving factors, we can not and do not guarantee attendance at the Holistic Healing Fairs. Rest assured, those that do attend are you exact clientele. You are responsible for the connection made.

Your participation in advertising the event is essentially as important as the organizers paid ads and strategic marketing choices – if you have a local clientele that would love to attend an event like the Holistic Fair, sharing it is a win win. Although I cannot force vendors to share their attendance, every bit can help make our event successful and for those that do actively participate – it is deeply appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed.

I had previously paid for a 2020 event that was postponed due to the pandemic, what happened to my fee?

An email had been sent to all vendors in February 2022, allowing the option to transfer into any Holistic Healing Fair event across Ontario with a credit available to use until December 2024. Please email me at holistichealingfair@gmail.com immediately if you did not receive the email notification regarding the 2020/2021 booth fee transfers.

What do you mean by “health unit approval” in the application if I want to serve food/drink samples at my booth?

By googling the city health unit and contacting them, advise that you will be attending a Holistic Healing Fair as a vendor and would like to serve food/drink samples. They will inquire about the products you will be serving and will walk you through what the required safety steps are. Following approval, they will give you a green page that is a PASS of approval. If you are not required to have a green pass, and they say you are able to serve without their requirements please forward me the approval as soon as it is received to ensure your items can be served at the event.

Where do you recommend to get my own insurance?

I recommend and use Zensurance.com – you can get a free quote from them to start.

Will I be shown where I am within the layout after purchasing my booth?

The layout is not released to vendors, only to the event sponsors who have choice on where their booth will be located. I make changes up until the day prior to the event, including the morning of and that is why they are not released. When you arrive each table will be labelled with business names and I will be there ready to help you find your space. Please be reassured that I try to place everyone accordingly to what has been stated within the application for space requests.

How can I make the most out of my vendor booth?

We have a blog that can help guide you with helpful tips: VENDOR F.A.Q & TIPS FOR MAKING THE MOST OUT OF A VENDOR BOOTH | Holistic Healing Fair