Do you have a budget and a vision to create a memorable event, but don't know how to make it happen or you just don't have the time?

I get it!

Events are a lot of work. From planning and executing, to having a contingency plan, owning a "roll with the punches" professional attitude, to having flourishing relationships with the venues and vendors and always problem solving as your forefront. There are a lot of little details that create an events success.

Let me do the legwork to make your business vision a reality!

Specializing in events, expos, retreats, conferences & more.

I have connections across Ontario, including but not limited to: billboards, radio, newspapers, media releases, graphic designers, a rolling transport truck advertising company, social marketing specialists and so much more.

Let my experiences, hardships, and my knowledgeable road to success be the guide you need to ensure your vision comes to life with all bases covered - and back up plans in place.

Before we start, let's just grab a few details for your free 30 minute consultation to make sure I am a good match for what you are seeking! Please fill out the form below and I will respond via email within 5 business days.

I look forward to inspiring some of your new connections and visions!