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Ginny Connon Coaching and Energy
Heal deeper in a lighter way!

Meet Ginny Connon and experience the benefits of combining relational and energy coaching. Showing up with Ginny, expect a positive conversation that helps you shine a light on your life. Find some gutsy steps to rebuilding your confidence and trust. Learn why you don't always communicate at your best. Design intentions that make your daily life stay more balanced. Traditional coaching helps you reveal insights by guiding you to the answers. Many times it is very frustrating to come up with an answer and know if it's really the right one. Ginny offers her coaching and life experience, so you are not left hanging. This offers you steps for goals and solid changes in a timely manner. She breaks down the expert/client barriers to give you a healthy comparison. Get her expert tips on how to learn new and practise skills. These come from over fifteen years of coaching CanSkate with Skate Canada and several years working with clients. Learn how those life dips, falls and messy times can benefit your emotional well-being and kick-start your intuition. Ginny also offers energy sways, making your session truly one of a kind. Looking for some Angelic connection? At the Holistic Healing Fairs Canada each 30 minute session always finishes with a validating Angel or Spirit card message for some added divine love! Ginny demonstrates how she easily connects with your energy and shares how to intuitively use her crystals and minerals. She combined her coaching certifications and passion for the holistic arts to allow you to heal on a deeper level in a lighter way!

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  • Ginny Connon Coaching and Energy

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