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Jenni B Dean, Jellybean Nutrition
Jellybean Nutrition
Jenni Dean

Jenni is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Metabolic Balance Coach, a Mind~Body Connector and a Health & Wellness Consultant. Her mission is to support others to provide a whole life plan that includes nutrition, the breath, energy, & movement in nature.

To feel balance metabolically balanced like yourself again.

She connects the emotions behind the messages the body is giving to her clients to provide a structured step by step plan to support you & your lifestyle.

How she can help in your wellness journey

Are you frustrated and want to finally feel better? Would you like to incorporate holistic healing through nutrition and lifestyle?

I'm committed & supportive to work with you, with the whole you, to support you where you are today!

I counsel mothers & children, families & youth with emotional eating disorders, as well as those with insulin resistance, fertility issues, & autism.

Let me teach you how to develop easy meal plans & stay healthy.

Getting to the root cause will connect the body, mind, & sprit & bring out a whole new you!


Thank you Jenni! This is all true! Jenni is the real deal, her energy & light is so bright and beautiful. As I have experienced your beautiful gifts I want others to experience it as well. - Jule-Anne Auld

Inspirational. Jenni is passionate in seeking mind-body connections with dis-ease. She even wrote a book about it! Jenni portrays the resilency of the human spirit in her practice. - Kathi Pitters

She is the real deal! I have learnt so much from Jenni over the years. She never gave up on me - her nutrition knowledge with her energy therapy is a power pack dynamic mix! - Nalin Sunak


Nutritional Consultation
Reiki Therapy
Metabolic Syndrome Coaching
Location: Woodstock, Ontario

Services offered online/virtual and in-person.

Wellness dimensions