Feathers of Light Healing

Vibroacoustic Therapy Session
Your Natural State of Wellness

Feathers of Light Healing provides an opportunity for a transformative holistic approach for balance and alignment of the body into coherence with sound, vibration, energetic adjustments and other healing modalities. We invite the body to release and expand physically, emotionally, mentally, energetic/spiritually creating space for the body and mind to address stress, anxiety, physical limitations, adrenal burnout, trauma, pain and more. We facilitate a session for relaxation in which the body may relax the nervous system and come to a space of rest and digest. The body responds to sound, vibration and energy and naturally reacts to find equilibrium in a place of homeostasis. We facilitate and guide the energy session and the body naturally finds balance and lets go of resistance which may contribute to helping with symptoms of the body.

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  • Horses love tuning forks!
  • Biofield Tuning with Animals!
  • Tuning Mom and furbaby!
  • Distance remote Biofield Tuning Session

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