Our free admission events are held across Ontario featuring unique Holistic and Wellness Vendors!

The Holistic Healing Fairs were created to educate and inspire our local community to become more conscious of their daily habits. A place where everyone is welcome, judgment free. Come explore the many unique ways of healing – art expression, your own jewelry piece, a chemical free body lotion, guidance readings and so much more. All of our sponsors and vendors have the same outlook on life, to help make the world a better place. Come spend the day with us sharing helpful ideas, try something different and learn about the local amazing businesses right in your backyard!


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“The energy in the room was truly astounding, as everyone in attendance – whether they be a vendor or an attendee – shared the same goal. To seek cruelty-free, environmentally friendly products. To support local businesses. To broaden their horizons on paying it forward and spirituality. To seek positive change. Whether you seek to heal or improve your quality of life mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, there was a little something for everyone at the Holistic Healing Fair. Practitioners of energy healing, reflexology, nutrition, reiki, as well as estheticians, card readers, artists, gemologists, craftspeople, authors, writers, clothing, health, and gourmet food associates, and a slew of guides from various backgrounds were present to share their knowledge and inspire our local community on how to grow more conscious of their daily habits for a better future.” – The Soo Today 

Whether you are joining as a vendor or sharing smiles as an attendee, come by and enjoy many unique Wellness Vendors featuring different healing modalities, crystals, dream catchers, artwork, all natural beauty products and much more! A free admission event, and everyone is welcome!

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