Vendor Spotlight – Nancy Darlene Intuitive Artist

My name is Nancy Darlene, I’m often asked about the roots of my art. The truth is, many twists and turns of life played a part in this story, but the inspiration lies in the entire journey. So here it is – the story of my art… the story of me…

I grew up on a dairy farm north of Stratford, ON.  

I loved growing up on the farm. I enjoyed milking the cows and working the fields as opposed to doing the dishes in the house. 

As a young girl I had a lot of dreams and aspirations. I was an avid swimmer, loved the water.  It is a source of calm for me. However, art won out overall. I loved to re-create the beauty I saw all around. 

I received a scholarship in High School for art, which got me started. I was heading down the path of teaching art; however, life had another card drawn for me. After graduating from the University of Waterloo, I returned to the country to raise my two boys-Derek and Jason. I continued to live outside of Stratford, Ontario,  directly behind my parents farm. Enjoying the country life continued.  

I was on my own for several years raising the boys and receiving training as a personal banker.  My perspective shifted to paying the bills and making ends meet. My art was stuffed away in the closet.

I found myself enjoying working within the political realm after meeting Member of Parliament, Dave MacKenzie and receiving the opportunity to assist him in 2004. Presently, I am still assisting him in the office.

A few years ago, I reintroduced myself to pen and paper. It was one of my favourite mediums. I had a phobia: once I touched a piece of paper I constantly erased, thinking I was ruining the page and it wasn’t good enough or beautiful enough. This time, with pen and ink, there would be no erasing. What appeared on the page was meant to be. I drew for me – instead of trying to create something I thought someone else would love to see, or to make them think, “Now that’s art.”  I drew for the sake of drawing … to let go and to feel. Releasing the tension of the day, week or more.  

My girlfriends shocked me with their response to my scratchings (as I called them). With much encouragement and guidance from above, I present my feelings… the art of healing through intuitive art.

My business name derived from my first and middle names since my inspiration to draw again came from deep within me. What I love the most about what I do is the reaction on people’s faces when I present their intuitively drawn or painted piece.  It never ceases to move me along with them.  I have many wonderful memorable experiences already so far.  Many are quite emotional and healing.

Recently I started adding crystals to my work, which amplifies and generates more energy in my work.    I have many new ideas and inspirations that I have been guided to produce, they are in the works in my home office studio, in Woodstock ON.I love everything creative and love to bring beauty into peoples lives. 

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Phone: (519) 608-2553