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My Name is Berni Vernon and this is my story; Back in 2017 after teaching 8 yoga classes,  on a volunteer basic for the YMCA here in Orillia, I was suffering from a condition in my knees ( Osteoarthritis) I could barely walk up the stairs. While visiting with a good friend of mine, she suggested Magnesium Chloride as a solution. After applying transdermally ( topically ) on my knees, I couldn’t believe that after 10-15 mins my pain was completely gone. Although it was sticky and uncomfortable on the skin, IT WORKED! I applied twice daily for the following 4 days and then realized not only was I pain free I was sleeping deeper, my anxiety was gone and my stress level had dropped significantly. It was then I knew I was  onto something great. 

Because it wasn’t great on the skin I spent months learning to formulate a quality product that people would love to apply and keep on their skin, while supplementing & increasing their magnesium levels, they also had a superior, non toxic, paraben & petroleum free .

As it turns out 90% of people , including newborn babies , are magnesium deficient. The reason is our food has been drastically modified along with pesticides, fast food & stress, we are running on empty. The symptoms associated with lack of magnesium are many. The very common ones are Anxiety, depression, insomnia, joint & muscle pain, restless leg syndrome, inflammation, arthritis, irregularities in heartbeat  & migraine headaches.

Magnesium is considered to be a vital mineral involved in over 300 biochemical reactions that regulate our health and wellness.

Oral vs transdermal ;

While many people do supplement orally, they do not acquire full absorption due to the bodies reaction to the magnesium, acting as a laxative with very little benefit. While doing the transdermal approach you receive 100% absorption, while targeting inflammation & pain. 

What I love about my product is that it truly speaks for itself. Many people at the Holistic events will take the 20 minute challenge and realize it really works. 

The more I researched magnesium chloride the more I realized it’s other benefits. It used for anti ageing, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema & scarring.

What started as a do it yourself in my kitchen has grown to a full lab, where I product, package and ship all over Canada and the USA.

My mission is to let everyone that will listen to me about the essential need for magnesium.

– Berni

The misconception that we have been told for many years is that we should supplement with calcium/ mag., however most products are calcium dominate and actually cause more health issue than it helps. To much calcium without the balanced amount of magnesium does not dissolve in the body, therefore clogging arteries and putting one in danger of cardiac health issues.

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