My name is Nancy Arruda and I Channel Spirit. I have always had a connection to the Universe (and beyond). I have always had the ability to know things without really knowing how I knew things. Of course in my younger years, I could not communicate what I knew. I wanted to, I really did, but my mouth would not open to let the words of what I knew out. What I was lacking was the experience to understand what I knew, therefore I could not share it until I understood it. There is a process to everything in life. For some people that process seems easy and for others not as much. There is a purpose to learning and unlearning. There is a purpose to truly understanding who you are. The costume of that purpose is different for everyone, but the reason is the same. Growth! All paths in life lead to growth, the growth of the Soul and the expansion of one’s inner light. That is what I have learned over the years of connecting with so many different people.

I offer inspirational readings that are designed by Spirit through opening the gateway of communication through the Tarot or Astrology. My readings are inspirational, motivational, healing, awakening and what ever else Spirit decides it needs to be. Sometimes the focus is on the external reality, and many times the focus is on the internal reality. The intention of my service offerings are personal growth, healing and opening up your mind to a different reality then what you are currently experiencing, or expanding upon the learning that you are currently in. Everyone’s reading is different, as it is as unique as the individual I am sitting with. I also offer other healing modalities when Spirit tells me to offer them (Reiki & Etheric Cleansing). I facilitate Channeled Meditation Journey’s (currently in person only) and they are based on the astrological vibrations that are taking place in the universe at the time of the meditation. Again, this makes each journey unique. These meditations allow people to gain an understanding of their life experiences, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and they offer the participants tools to either work with their experiences or clear and heal their experiences.

What drives your passion?

My heart and soul drives my passion. The desire to live in a society where people are healed from their past traumas and false identities. The desire to live in a society where each person lives with the intent of love and harmlessness towards the self, others, and the world. To know that maybe one day, we can live in a utopian society within the Age of Aquarius! I may not experience that in this lifetime, but perhaps in a future one!

What is your bestselling service/item? Why do you think it is the most popular?

My best selling item is my “Channeling with Tarot” readings. There are a few reasons as to why this is. In a nutshell, I openly offer three different in person services, all of which are intended to assist an individual in their own personal growth and understanding. Channeling with Tarot, Channeling the Stars (Astrology) and Channeling Meditation Journeys (in a group format). Channeling with the Tarot is the most popular and it can resonate with many different people at different levels. One, is the shorter time investment and that it can affordably accommodate people’s budgets as well as give them the personal one on one interaction and information that they require. Two, it allows the person to receive information at the depth they are ready to receive. Three, many people have misconceptions about the tarot that naturally leads them to it (They may believe that it is going to tell them about what is happening and what will happen in their external reality). Channeling the Stars (Astrology) is just as powerful. Astrology is only for those who are ready to fully understand themselves, their life lessons, and Soul purpose. Most people are not even aware that they are not being themselves, therefore they are not ready to see themselves, so they tend to shy away from depths of astrology. It does require a longer time investment, which in turn means a larger financial investment. Channeled Meditation journeys are for those people who are actively working on transforming their inner reality, and even thought there are people who ‘say’ they are ready, in truth, they are lying to themselves trying to make the changes on a superficial level. The Channeled Meditation Journey’s will show you where the truth lies, where the lies are being lived, and only those who are ready to actively transform their lives will show up.

Do you have a home studio or do you work at another location?

Currently I offer readings in person at shows only. Otherwise, I am available by appointment over the phone or via zoom for readings. I offer Meditations once a month in Barrie through a Spiritual Healing Circle in conjunction with a colleague of mind who facilitates Reiki during the meditation. I am open to expanding my in person locations.

What is your mission?

I have always believed I had a purpose, and I never really thought of it as a mission. But if I had to put that into words I would say that I am here to serve people’s highest good. To inspire and assist them with the transformation and healing that their Soul desires. And as most of us know, when we align with our Soul, life is easier!

What is your vision?

My perfect vision would be to live in a Utopian society. Where everyone aligned with their highest good and highest nature so that we could all live in Bliss! Is that realistic? Who knows, I would like to think that maybe one day humanity could release their negative aspects and live life fully from the heart. I have noticed in the last few years, more and more people are jumping on the spiritual bandwagon and trying to shift their consciousness and raise their vibration. This is great! The perfect society starts with each individual consciously raising their awareness to live in alignment with their Souls light. The first step is the healing and embracing a transformational journey! The second step is applying what you have learned and healed into your own personal life. If each person does so, we will change the way the world operates based on living in alignment with our own personal truth.

Do you have any advice that you want to share with other entrepreneurs?

The universe is constantly reflecting your true beliefs and values back to you. The result value of your business is the belief and value that you hold within yourself. Heal your false identities and beliefs and share that healing with others.

Connect with Nancy to learn more about her channeling/readings and how you can uniquely have one just for you!


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