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You are someone who is:
• Looking for guidance, motivation and clarity
• Awakened and seeking a deeper understanding of your self

If this is you, then please join us for a quantum reading or coaching session.

Quantum Healers, Lara Bokovay and Melody Johnson guide you through the process of healing and self discovery. They help you embrace, process and release emotions and fears that keep you stuck in patterns, as well as limiting beliefs. They share with you specific, accurate messages in their readings and in your quantum coaching session they will provide you with exercises and guidance to help you heal and move forward. Lara and Melody are cousins, ancestral pattern breakers, energetic counterpoints, quantum healers & guides that have been acquainted over many lifetimes past and through many lessons learned together in the school of love and spiritual expansion.

What is your favorite item/service offered?
All of them! It is a very unique experience to be read and or coached by the both of us at the same time. We are energetic counterpoints. We have been through similar life lessons with unique expressions of their different experiences and generational influences. Together, as seekers of truth, we see through the veils of self deception and bring the harmony of counterpoint perspectives showing you a complete picture opening you up to a whole new level of awareness and innerstanding.

Do you have a home studio or do you work at another location?
We are global.

Learn more by connecting with Lara & Melody:

Website: http://www.quantumhealers.co

Email: quantumhealers222@gmail.com