Meet Certified Relationship & Life Coach, Ginny Connon. Showing up for coaching with Ginny, expect a positive conversation that helps shine a light with her coaching curiosity. Traditional coaching helps you reveal insights by guiding you to the answers. Many times it is very frustrating to come up with an answer and know if it’s really the right one. Ginny offers her coaching and life experience, so you are not left hanging. She breaks down the expert/client barriers to give you healthy comparison and authenticity. Expect to rebuild your positivity, confidence and valued trust. Learn why you don’t always communicate at your best. Design intentions that make your daily life stay on the positive side! Get her expert tips on how to learn new skills. These come from over fifteen years of coaching CanSkate with Skate Canada and several years working with clients. Learn how those life dips, falls and messy times can benefit your emotional well-being and kick-start your intuition. Ginny also offers conversational guided emotional balancing making your sessions truly one of a kind.

Ginny’s mission is to accept balances in a positive light for mental well-being and use what life throws at us to heal on a deeper, generational level.

Ginny’s vision is to inspire future generations to inspire future generations.

Do you have a home studio or do you work at another location?

Home Office, Virtual , Holistic Fairs

Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you want customers to know about?

My Podcast – 222 with Ginny Connon

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had working with a customer?

All the smiles and in-person hugs. Yup, coaches give and get hugs.

What do you love most about what you do?

Sharing my light and positivity.

What was your inspiration to start your business?

My passion for coaching and living a healthy work-life balance.

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