Ancaster Spring Holistic Healing Fair™


Mar 17 2024


10:00 am – 4:00 pm


Ancaster Fairgrounds
630 Trinity Rd S, Jerseyville, ON L0R 1R0, Canada

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Discover alternative therapies, wellness practices, and mindful living. This free entry, vendor style event is a warm and nurturing space for self-discovery and growth. Illuminate your path to a conscious and self-nurturing life.

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Ancaster Holistic Healing Fair
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  • GiveUpPain
    Trauma Relief Specialists

    Reading & Releases with Kasia Kaminska & Dan Brooks, Stress & Anxiety Release Specialists – We feel within you a need to know, to understand clearly what is happening, AS its happening. Enjoy a Reading & Release with us, and step closer to the Solution and the Answers you’ve been looking for!

  • Enchantments by Luiza
    Enchantments by Luiza
    Purveyor of unique and many one of a kind items

    Luiza, is a purveyor of unique and many one of a kind items. She is also a professional tarot and tea leaf reader. With many years of experience, she has clients all around the globe.

  • Add More Health Inc. / Organo
    Add More Health Inc. / Organo
    Mushroom Infused Coffee & Supplements

    ORGANO™ is a global network marketing company on a mission to change lives by helping people reach new levels of balance, freedom and well-being through our premium products and business opportunity.

  • Zen Collection
    Zen Collection
    Crystals & Spiritual Tools

    Zen Collection will help you find your spiritual path by providing you with valuable guidance and knowledge. Through the use of crystals and other spiritual tools, we can help you select the most suitable products which will align with your intentions and expand your desired skills.

  • Eleos Crystals
    Eleos Crystals
    Healing Crystals

    Healing Crystals, Crystal jewelry

  • Toronto Water and Air
    Toronto Water and Air
    Alkaline Water & Air Filtration Systems

    We sell and promote alkaline water and air filtration systems for the whole home.

  • Nancy Darlene Intuitive Artist
    Nancy Darlene Intuitive Artist
    Intuitive Artist

    Through prayer and intention, I create art that is meant for your highest good and greatest healing. Each piece that I create comes with a message. If there is a piece that you are drawn to, read the message as it is God/Spirit nudging you and speaking to you through this piece. My you find peace and joy in the art that I create.

  • The Super Patch Company
    The Super Patch Company
    With Rose Marie

    Super Patch is the Neuro Path to Faster Wellness. It is a DRUG FREE, FDA registered, non invasive backed by science and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. It is a scientifically proven technology you can feel and trust providing results without side effects.

  • Pupul’s Pebbles
    Pupul’s Pebbles
    Crystals, Jewelry, Handrolled incense & More

    Pupul’s Pebbles is first an offering and then a business led by Pupul & Rohan, an Indo-Canadian couple. Our crystals are selected with intention and integrity, each & every piece is natural & ethically sourced. We offer Crystals, Crystal Jewelry , Handrolled incense and other metaphysical tools with high vibrational energy that lifts you up and holds you tight. We hope these beautiful stones and crystals lend you their strength, support and guidance as you move through the stages of your life.

  • Cafezia
    Coffee Products

    Cafezia coffee enhances wellness with every sip. Coffee, but better. Cafezia is coffee with slow-release caffeine, reduced acidity that enhances mental focus and reduces jitters!

  • Uniquely Pure
    Uniquely Pure
    Home & Body Aromatherapy Line

    Home and body aromatherapy line

  • Life Force Nutrition
    Life Force Nutrition
    CBD Products

    Life Force Nutrition is a multi-faceted business with a focus on clean, toxic free products for you body, mind and soul. Natasha is committed to holistic health and provides an array of CBD products for pain management, sleep suport and stress and anxiety reduction. Additionally she offers holistic nutritional services through her practice.

  • Heaven on Earth Healing Centre
    Heaven on Earth Healing Centre
    Mediumship & Tarot Readings

    Mediumship & Tarot Readings

  • Spark Your Inner Truth - Guided Journal
    Spark Your Inner Truth – Guided Journal
    Guided Journal

    When was the last time you had a true, pure, conversation with yourself about what has created the person that you are today? Spark Your Inner Truth is a Guided Journal filled with 150+ thought provoking questions and challenges that focus on self exploration, gratitude, manifestation, inner child work and more. It is built to be written in and then destroyed. You can rip, burn and release as you go!

  • Healing and Readings by Christina
    Healing and Readings by Christina
    Quantum Touch Energy Healing

    Quantum Touch Energy Healing and Spiritual Readings

  • Clay by Kails
    Clay by Kails
    Clay Creations

    Unique, One-of-a-Kind, Lightweight Handmade Polymer Clay Earrings, Hairclips and Accessories

  • Kisses From Heaven
    Kisses From Heaven
    Reiki Infused Bath, Body and Candles

    Kisses From Heaven has created artisan hand-made organic soaps and 100% soy candles, each of which is infused with Reiki and Crystal Healing properties. We ensure that all our products are toxin, SLS, parabens and phthalates-free. We also work with trusted Artisans to provide metaphysical Reiki-infused products including natural mists such as a Reiki Mist. We also sell Palo Santo, sage, raw crystals and abalone shells.

  • The Crystal Keeper
    The Crystal Keeper

    Travelling boutique offering an array of gems, minerals and hand-cut stones. We also carry handmade macrame jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, incense and more…

  • The Divine Queen B
    The Divine Queen B
    Psychic Healer, Past Life Channeler

    I’m Betty Lozinski the owner of The Divine Queen B. I’m a 3rd generational psychic healer and past life channeler. I have special gift of understanding, healing and activating people. I help people with soul healing, past life clearing and psychic readings.

  • DNA Alchemy
    DNA Alchemy
    Yoga, Coaching and Reiki

    I am a mindset coach, yoga and reiki master. My booth will offer mini reiki sessions, a couple free session draws and information. Each mini session will consist of energy healing and awakening, any divinely guided messages that come through and an oracle card pull at the end. I will also be working with crystals.

  • Kasama Wellness
    Kasama Wellness
    Holistic Nutrition, Sound Meditation

    Veronica of Kasama Wellness is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Sound Meditation Practitioner. She offers holistic offerings and practices to help clients build their resiliency toolbox. Her offerings include, sound meditations, reiki, wellness workshops & events, and wellness focused retreats. Come join in for a session and leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed!

  • Bodies by Brendan
    Bodies by Brendan
    Gut Health

    “As the ‘Gut Whisperer,’ Brendan Coates, DSc transforms lives by deciphering the language of the gut & guiding students to achieve optimal health. With a mission to share health strategies and a vision to impart the wisdom of a gut-friendly lifestyle to students who can then pass on the same knowledge to future generations, Brendan Coates is not just a health advocate but a catalyst for a global community. A lifelong learner, speaker, and human existence professional, Brendan Coates DSc is dedicated to empowering others and cultivating a healthier world.

  • Astro Insights
    Astro Insights
    Astrology Readings

    Astrology readings offering inspiring and supportive insights into your present day situation and future opportunities.

  • Aligned Natural Health
    Aligned Natural Health
    Frequency Healing

    Every health problem and symptom has a cause. We use a form of frequency medicine to figure out what’s keeping you stuck, and what support YOUR body needs to get healthy, naturally.

  • Magicbridge & Co.
    Magicbridge & Co.
    Crystals and Reiki

    Magicbridge & Co. is a 15x award winning, small family business. You can find myself (Poui) & one of my 5 minis while vendoring. I am a reiki practitioner & crystal master/healer turned crystal dealer. M&Co provides ethically and sustainably sourced minerals, fossils and burnables from around the world. Jewelry is designed by 3 of our team members, triple cleared & reiki infused. M&Co offers both retail & wholesale. Our mission is to spread love & light one starseed at a time.

  • Sacred-Sevens
    Energetic & Magical Sound Healing

    Flutes, CD’s

  • Miala Wellness
    Miala Wellness
    Holistic Nutrition

    Through Holistic Nutrition the Miala focus is on Endometriosis, period health, and hormonal imbalances.
    Here at Miala you can find 1:1 support, downloadable plans to help you on your journey, webinars, products to help make your period more comfortable, informational blogs, tips and tricks and so much more (not to mention a fun community)!

  • Wow-Finds Worldwide
    Wow-Finds Worldwide

    Wow Finds Worldwide is committed to bringing our community, unique, and innovative products that inspire!
    From nutrition bars high in antioxidants; to an indoor garden that uses NASA’s latest agriculture technology. We also offer a variety of natural bath and body products; along with unique and beautiful tea and coffee offerings that have their own unique flare.

  • YOUNiversal Healing
    YOUNiversal Healing
    Spiritual Wellness Practitioner

    Lori Dawson-Levy of YOUNiversal Healing is a Spiritual Wellness Practitioner dedicated to finding metaphysical approaches to support her clients through their awakening process, stress management, emotional wellness and spiritual growth. She strives to inspire and empower her clients through the modalities of Reiki, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Sound Baths and Oracle Card Readings. Her mission statement is, “It’s Time To Take Care Of YOU”. Lori is a certified Reiki Master, Crystal Healing Practitioner and Aesthetician, incorporating all of her practices into her sessions to bring a deep relaxing experience to her clients.

  • For The Love Of Oils
    For The Love Of Oils

    Essential oil-based cleaning products, self care aromatherapy roller bottles and aromatherapy jewelry.

  • Maria Gonçalves Psychic Medium
    Maria Gonçalves Psychic Medium
    Psychic Medium

    Maria Gonçalves is an Evidential Psychic Medium she provides mediumship and tarot readings. Author of The Intuitive Tarot Journal and Podcast Host of the Maria Goncalves Podcast – Mediumship, Intuition, Tarot

  • Elevate Yourself to Wellness / Neumi
    Elevate Yourself to Wellness / Neumi

    Breakthrough Health
    With HydraStat™ Hydrastat is the future of Wellness.

    Health has never been so easy.
    Or effective. Just swish and see.

  • GD/Botanicals
    Botanical Skincare

    GD/Botanicals founder Denise Benoit (or “Grandma D”—the GD in GD/Botanicals) has always been guided by the belief that whatever you put on your body should be pure and natural enough to put in your mouth – because it’s better for you and it’s better for the planet. After a significant injury left her struggling with pain and mobility issues, she channeled this principle into her own healing journey as she explored the restorative powers of calendula. This passion for creating soothing and nourishing skincare products has grown to include GD/Botanicals’ line of salves, face oils, balms, body butters, and aromatherapy roll-ons.

    Handcrafted by Denise in small batches with the finest ingredients to ensure the height of quality and freshness, her mission with GD/Botanicals is to create a line of high-performing, multi-use skincare formulations that are effective, sustainable and accessible to everyone. Because we believe the ability to nurture yourself with the best organic ingredients should not be exclusive. Clean skincare should be for everyone.

  • IamLightEnergyReiki

    Iam a Reiki Master specializing in work related stress and anxiety reduction with Reiki, intuitive crystal therapy, sound therapy, Clairsentient empathy, and chakra healing and balancing. I also conduct in-person, zoom and social media Mindfulness Meditation sessions.

    I also create natural gemstone beaded, copper or Argentium silver jewellery and 100% natural bath products that are specific to our chakra system to continue client’s healing journey.

  • Nytesong Healing
    Nytesong Healing
    Intuitive Psychic and Evidential Medium, Spiritual Healer and Guide

    Nytesong is a born intuitive psychic and evidential medium. She connects you to spirit and loved ones who have passed using mediumship and tarot and oracle cards. She has many healing skills including Reiki Master/Teacher, Trauma informed yoga guide, Guided Meditation and Sound Healing. After living through her own trauma she was not able to heal through traditional medicine. Nytesong discovered ways of healing the mind, body, and soul through spiritual practices. It is now her journey to help others heal.

  • Embraced with Love
    Embraced with Love

    I am a Reiki Master and Spiritual Embodiment Coach helping others to align with their highest path through love.

  • ZenAsDuckz
    Crystal Jewelry

    Sharing handmade unique crystal jewelry and accessories. Each piece allows for the wearer to experience the vibrations and energy of the crystals used.

  • Eyes for Health NeoLife
    Eyes for Health NeoLife
    Eye Health

    The Iris of the eyes tell us the strengths and weakness of our body and helps us find the root cause of issues. A 10 min iris overview will be given with an additional 10 min for possible solutions using food, exercises and/or whole food NeoLife supplements.

  • Tucan Holistic
    Tucan Holistic
    Plant Based Food

    Plant-based food products with CLEAN ingredients

  • The Crystal Forest
    The Crystal Forest
    Crystal Creations

    Located in Ridgeway, Ontario, The Crystal Forest reveals the wonderous treasures Mother Earth provides us with her beautiful crystals, gems, herbs and flowers! Ethically-sourced and sustainably-harvested, all our products are intuitively-selected and crafted with kindness.

  • Conscious Art Creation
    Conscious Art Creation
    Crystals, Singing Bowls, Sound Healing

    Unique gemstone carvings, healing crystal kits, pendulums, singing bowls, chakra cards, and sound healing with Michelle!

  • Riverbend Mandalas
    Riverbend Mandalas
    Mandala Artist, Crystals

    We are family run business and handcraft crystal trees, orgonite pyramids and hand painted mandalas.

  • Your Soul's Content
    Your Soul's Content

    Spiritual Atlantean Healer using Source/God’s energy, Crystals, Light Language, Ancestral Healing, Akashic records, Intuitive counselling for spiritual and sometimes physical healing for you, your children, your loving pets. Crystals programmed uniquely just for you.

  • Teryl Crombie
    Teryl Crombie
    Reiki Infused Products

    Reiki-infused Hancrafted natural products including:
    VERVAIN organic skincare & natural products, hand knotted crystal Malas, and Natural Beeswax candles.

  • Daniels Consulting
    Daniels Consulting
    Energy Practitioner

    Sandra Daniels, Certified Energy Practitioner. Shifting physical/emotional issues and behaviours/reactions via Body Code, Emotion Code and past-life releases.

  • Just Ask Melinda
    Just Ask Melinda
    Frequency Healing

    Marconics Ascension Energy is heralded by Spirit as: ‘The Vehicle of Ascension’; RECALIBRATING the Holographic Body Templates in preparation for 5D & 7D.
    Full-spectrum Marconics Frequencies are drawn down from the Infrared System of the Cosmos to UPGRADE the Ascending Human vehicle to thrive in increasingly higher dimensions. Marconics Ascension Energy Protocols facilitate the rapid shedding of karmic debris to raise your vibration and transmute miasma from the DNA and to harmonize the Shadow-Self with Spirit.

  • LITE 92.1 FM
    LITE 92.1 FM

    “Southern Ontario’s Lite Favorites” LITE 92 is an Evanov Communications Inc. radio station based out of Brantford, Ontario with reach in the Waterloo, Hamilton and Niagara region.

  • Spiritualfunk

    Spiritualfunk is a collection of handmade pieces made with intention & love.
    These pieces all resonate with you in someway. In this collection we will feature Spirithangers, wall art,
    Car totems all made with symbolic elements & crystals, art cards as well as a small collection of jewellery. See what you draws your eye… feel the connection!!

  • Lavendersblue

    Aromatherapy Products Made With You In Mind [One of a Kind Aromatherapy Gemstone Bracelets, Pendants, Essential Oils, Roller Blends]

  • Earth Healing Crystals
    Earth Healing Crystals
    Crystals, Gemstones, Jewelry

    Healing Crystals in Jewelry, Geodes, Carvings, Crystal Pouches, Keychains and Magnets

  • Best Holistic
    Best Holistic
    Reiki, Hypnosis, Bach Flower

    I am a certified Consulting Hypnotist, Bach Flower practitioner and Reiki Practitioner

  • The Epoch Media Group
    The Epoch Media Group

    Epoch Media Group is operates with the mission of providing independent journalism and promoting traditional values. Epoch Media Group is known for its focus on accurate reporting, covers a wide range of topics, including news, politics, business, science, culture, and traditional values.

  • Healy With Rose
    Healy With Rose
    Frequency Healing

    Healy – Harmonizes the energy of your beloved animals, plants, kitchen pantry, drinking water, home, workspace, gym, body, heart, and mind with MagHealy Atmosphere, Water Activation, McMakin and Classic frequency programs at the touch of a button. Experience Healy quantum frequency smart wearable tech as your personal wellness, energy and success coach accessible 24/7 to elevate self-awareness and self-care. We will be offering complimentary Healy Resonance Analysis, Aura Analysis and Personal/Success Coaching Analysis demo sessions both in person and by request.