Actively Nourished - Metabolic Balance - lose weight and keep it off
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Helping You Build an Active and Nourished Life!
Featuring Metabolic Balance - Lose Weight! Balance Your Hormones! Feel Incredible!
ASP Coaching & Holistic Services
Cultivating Happiness & Love by Breaking the Cycle of Adversity
Astral Energy Astrologer
Cosmic Guidance for Your Life's Journey
Astro Insights
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Intuitive astrology readings. Offering inspiring and supportive insights into a client's past, present and future challenges and opportunities.
Auricular Acupressure
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Ear reflexology therapy
Happy Laughers
Laughter for the health of it
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See with your heart... Intuitive Tarot Readings, Registered/Insured Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Artist
Divine Medium Tarot
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Psychic Medium Clairvoyant & Medical Intuitive
Trauma, Addiction, Domestic Violence, and Mental Health Healing
Peel and Stick it’s that easy
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Drug and Ingredient Free Wellness Patches
Good Growth
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"I help women to expand their consciousness into the realm of miracles"